What are the cup sizes of bras?

There are six types of bra sizes.

AA Cup, A Cup, B Cup, C Cup, D Cup, E cup

Bra size is made up of bra size and cup size. Commonly said female bust measurement, it is to point to the band and cup size length of a circle around the chest along the female nipple. Bra size points to the bust circumference below the female, namely the length of a week around the chest along the female breast root. Cup size refers to a woman’s same cup volume chart minus the difference in chest size. Most bras sold on the market today are built into steel brackets, which are attached to various cup sizes (1/2, 3/4, 5/8 and full). It is important for these bras to fit the circumference of the wearer’s breasts, and if they do not fit, they will feel uncomfortable entire day, but pain.

It is often difficult to discern the measure bra size by ourselves. For those with very large breasts and well-defined breasts, it is relatively easy to identify, or harder to identify if they are not. Because it is difficult to evaluate your body objectively and there is no one around to compare it to, it is best to leave the matter to a trusted expert. The chest covers a wide area. The large thoracic tendon that serves as a breast foundation, included the part that extends to thoracic point inclined by arm root, wait jointly by mammary gland and adipose on the foundation of thoracic tendon, and the circumferential outside of the breast reaches armpit almost.

How to get the perfect fit from the right bra?

First of all, we should clearly grasp the actual situation of our own breasts, and then we need to understand the problems that often occur in wearing and using bras. For example, the fat in the chest is squeezed and moved to the armpit, the size of the left and right breasts are different, the shoulder straps are removed, the steel tocard bone is removed, and on this basis, the shape of the chest is reconstructed through the choice of different shapes of the bra.

Don’t rely too much on cup size. We often hear statements like, “I always thought I was an A cup, but then I measured up and found out I was A C cup.” In fact, store-bought bra shoppers often give the wrong bra size. This is because customers often have a “body size they believe in” for a long time and don’t adjust it with time and cup shape.

It is well known that bra cup sizes A, B and C are classified according to the depth of the cup, and are distinguished by the difference between the bust size and the cup size chart, but this is not the whole criterion. It’s important that the depth of the cup matches the fullness of the breasts, as well as the steel base of the bra matching the circumference of the breasts. Simply put, cup sizing is about choosing the bra that most closely matches the circumference and fullness of the band measurement. In some ways, body data is meaningless when it comes to determining the true shape of the breast, and sometimes getting caught up in it can backfire.

Let’s stop obsess over body size and cup size and try to prevent the following from happening: believing you’re an A-cup and putting too much padding in your bra, only to have it push fat under your arms; Blindly pursuing the striking effect of C and D cups, they buy bras larger than their own breast size, which causes the steel support to rub against the body side and make the skin turn red. How can you tell if a bra fits? If the bra size is not appropriate, it will make the wearer very uncomfortable. Here we analyze and explain whether the bra size is appropriate or not.

A. Because the bra is smaller than the circumference of the breast, fat around the breasts is pushed to the side, while fat around the back is also easily compressed. At first glance, the cleavage is a pleasant surprise, but a cool observation reveals that the middle of the breast is crushed in two and the complete shape of the breast is destroyed. As a result, it will be hard to wear, and the fat in the middle of the breast will be squeezed by the top edge of the bra and gradually transferred to the side. If you look closely, you will notice that the flat area between the left and right breasts has disappeared.

B. Oversize bras often confuse consumers and even connoisseurs. We often hear such advice “bra size slightly larger are beneficial to the growth of the chest”, because the ill fitting bra
is too small even though it’s beautiful to put up with steel of oppression, causing the pain of heart and rib cage, but if the steel too big also not good, because the bra wearing process, appropriate to the size of the steel will play a role in nursing.

C. If the bra size is right, it will look comfortable and the bust measurements of the bra will match the shape of the breast perfectly. How to judge whether bra and breast match? These include the roundness and curvature of the breasts in the center matching the bra’s steel base, the top edge of the cup not pressing on the breasts, and the position of the breasts in harmony with the shape of the non padded bra. The kind of full coverage bras is very much, because the size of bodily form and breast is different, reason must choose size appropriate non padded bra. There are two measurements you need to take before buying a bra. One is the bottom bust (the tight bust at the base of the breast), which is the minimum bust. Another is top chest circumference (the tight-knit chest circumference of 2 side nipples of the breast highest height), namely the biggest chest circumference, the biggest chest circumference subtracts the smallest chest circumference namely chest circumference difference. According to the chest size difference from small to large, there are different models, respectively A, B, C, D. Measure the chest circumference of the lower rib of the breast and the chest circumference of the fullest part of the breast. it determine your band size,If it’s even plus 10cm(4 inches); Odd number plus 12cm(5 inches) to get your bra size. If there is A 12cm(5in) difference between two sizes, choose Type A. Over 15cm(6 inches), choose Type B; Over 18cm(7 inches), choose Type C; And so on.

Because this chooses brassiere according to bottom chest circumference serves as brassiere basic specification, and chest circumference difference serves as the basis of model. Such as the bottom of the chest circumference of the same 80 women, small breast to 80A, breast is fuller with 80B or 80C. It’s best to try on a bra at the beginning of your purchase to see if it matches the height of your breasts, if the top is large enough not to compress your nipples, if the taking bust measurements adjustable, and if the bottom of the bra should be tight enough to provide support without interfering with breathing.

How does the female with plump breasts choose perfect bra?

Black or white underwear (cream white, ivory white, bleached, gray, etc.) is the best choice for plump women. Neutral color or all kinds of gray department, will weaken the luster of plump women. At the same time, black or white underwear, with all kinds of clothing collocation are easier to match colors. Light, thin, silk material, suitable for buxom women’s underwear. The use of lace, flounces decoration, reflects the feminine softness and romance. Thin elastic fabrics is the usual things of this kind of underwear, not only make the person comfortable, and do not show cumbersome, make plump body has the style of contemporary vogue. Had better not choose pure cotton pledges underwear, because although cotton pledges have the advantage of absorbing sweat, breathable, but to plump bodily form, easy to cause bloated, outdated undesirable effect. Had better not choose the bra that adds inside cushion and the bottom trousers of pressurized line, strong waist seal also does not benefit dry body shape, give a person massiness instead artificial feeling. Believe that your fullness is itself a natural beauty. Bra had better choose deep cover cup and 3/4, 4/4 model, wide shoulder belt, add earth platform, add steel wire support, be helpful for the modelling of breast enhancement. The 1/2 cup is often unable to support full breasts, which are prone to overflow and flabby.


1, use a ruler to measure the chest circumference and lower chest circumference. Breast ptosis should be pushed breast to the normal position after measurement.

2. Determine the bra cup size. Cup size = bust – lower bust. The cup cup is usually represented by capital English letters such as A, B and C. Every 2.5cm is the first grade. The minimum size of AA is 7.5cm, A is 10cm, B is 12.5cm, C is 15cm, D is 17.5cm, E is 20cm.

3. The bra size plus the cup code is the bra size.

According to the degree of package

1. Full bra

Full bra is the most functional type of cup, because it encloses the breast completely and has a concentrated effect of support and lift. Suitable for any body type, especially for plump breasts and soft flesh.

2. 3/4 cup bra

The 3/4 cup bra is one of the most concentrated bras in the world, allowing cleavage to be visible. Suitable for any shape.

3. 1/2 cup bra

A 1/2 cup bra is great for matching your outfit. Can take off the shoulder strap normally, become underwear without shoulder strap, although the function is weaker, but the effect of promotion is good, after the petite chest is worn, it will appear more plump.

A 1/2 cup bra is great for matching your outfit. Can take off the shoulder strap normally, become underwear without shoulder strap, although the function is weaker, but the effect of promotion is good, after the petite chest is worn, it will appear more plump.

Things to consider when choosing a bra:

First, pay attention to size. Second, pay attention to color: if you wear light clothes in summer, do not wear dark bra, winter do not have to consider this problem, so choose a wide face, simple and elegant, gorgeous, sexy and exciting… Use whatever you need and feel. Three, pay attention to the fabric: summer or spring and autumn days wear less clothes or thin sweaters, the lace pattern on the surface of the cup will make the clothes on the chest wrinkled, so buy smooth surface, winter clothes thick, you can choose beautiful lace sexy.

All right, with these three things in mind, you’re ready to put on your bra. Be careful when buying: Color and fabric are a matter of choice at home, while size depends on the person you’re traveling with and the bra attendant. These attendants generally speaking or more experienced, she will help you choose the right size, and help you wear the effect, and then you must remember to put on the naked look is not equal to put on the coat after the beautiful, so you put on the bra feeling wrong, must put on the coat to see the effect. Remember, try a few more to get the feel. Don’t try is not good, less try is not good, no one to accompany you to help you see is not good.










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