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We can cooperate with wholesalers, retailers, online stores, physical stores, clubs, advertisers, supermarkets, and other big and small brands.

Leading Custom Sportswear Manufacturer

At our custom sportswear manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality athletic apparel tailored to your unique needs. With cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team, we bring your designs to life, helping you stand out on and off the field. Whether you’re a sports team, fitness brand, or corporate event, we’ve got you covered with premium fabrics and unmatched craftsmanship. Elevate your game with custom sportswear that speaks volumes about your identity and style. Experience the power of personalized performance wear with us today.

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emf protection clothing|emf protection clothes|anti emf clothing EMF Radiation RF Blocking Clothing EMF Fabric Clothing

EMF Protection Clothing

Our EMF radiation clothing blocks a wide range of frequencies from 5G networks, cell phones, and other electronic devices. It's stylish, comfortable, and customizable, providing effective protection from potential health risks. Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful electromagnetic radiation with our essential EMF radiation clothing.

New Design Workout Plus Size Women's Leggings High Waist Yoga Pants Tummy Control Lift Leggings

custom leggimgs

Welcome to our world of luxury and comfort! As a leading clothing manufacturer, we specialize in crafting exquisite custom cashmere sweaters. With meticulous attention to detail, we create personalized pieces that epitomize elegance and warmth, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every wearer. Discover the perfect blend of style and softness with our custom cashmere sweater collection.

Lady sportswear cool sports bra custom gym wear velvet sport bra top fitness private label fitness wear

custom sports bra

Step into the realm of personalized fashion with our custom T-shirts! Elevate your style game by expressing your individuality through unique designs and prints. Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and fabrics, and let our expert team craft a T-shirt that perfectly reflects your personality. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with our exceptional custom-made T-shirts. Embrace the power of self-expression and wear your creativity with pride!

custom stretchy fashion gym running fitness short sports compression high waist yoga nylon shorts for women

Custom shorts&Bikers

Custom bamboo clothing is eco-friendly and offers numerous health benefits. Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows quickly and does not require pesticides. Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hot weather. By choosing custom bamboo clothing, you reduce your environmental impact and promote your well-being.

seamless gym women's yoga bra sports high waist leggings fitness seamless yoga sets

Seamless Clothing Manufacturer

Step into the future of fashion with our seamless clothing manufacturer. We are dedicated to creating top-quality garments that blend comfort and style seamlessly. Using advanced technology and contemporary designs, our collection offers a sleek and flexible wardrobe that enhances your every move. Embrace the revolutionary experience of seamless clothing and elevate your fashion game with us.

OEM Wholesale Custom Men Joggers Suits Two Piece Set Tracksuits Full Zip Up Hoodie And Jogger Set Heavyweight Sweatsu

Custom joggers&pants

We specialize in high-quality, customizable 100% silk clothing. With skilled craftsmen and a variety of customization options, we work with you to create bespoke silk items that meet your expectations. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that you receive a premium product that you can be proud to wear.

00:00 00:16 View larger image Add to Compare Share Fashion Ladies Custom Tennis Dress Golf Pickleball Sport Solid Lightweight Breathable Tennis Workout Dress for Women

custom sports dresses

Welcome to the world of personalized comfort and style! Our custom hoodies are the perfect way to showcase your unique identity. With a variety of customization options, including colors, logos, and designs, you can create a hoodie that truly represents your personality and interests. Whether it's for a sports team, a group event, or just to express yourself, our expert team will bring your vision to life with top-notch quality. Embrace the warmth and individuality of our custom-made hoodies, and make a fashion statement that's uniquely yours.

Workout Fitness Women Sports Golf Dress Tennis Skirts Custom high quality stretch inner shorts running skirt

custom sports skirts

Welcome to the world of intimate elegance! As a distinguished lingerie manufacturer, we take pride in crafting exquisite undergarments that exude comfort, style, and confidence. With a keen focus on design, fabric selection, and fit, our lingerie is a celebration of femininity and sensuality. Whether you seek everyday essentials or alluring pieces for special occasions, our wide range caters to diverse preferences. Embrace the allure of our lingerie collection and experience the perfect blend of beauty and comfort that complements your inner grace.

cheap swimwear manufacturers|swimwear manufactures|swimwear manufacturing companies(1)

Swimwear &Bikini Manufacturer

We provide custom swimwear and beachwear that is fashionable and functional, using the finest materials and personalized designs. With a wide range of styles and customization options, we offer exceptional customer service and premium products for your comfort and durability.

hats manufacturer cotton bucket hat manufacturers private label manufacturers

Custom sports hats

Bestofshield is a leading hats manufacturer for men, women, and children. With over 10 years of experience, we provide high-quality and fashionable hats for every occasion, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience.

wholesale bulk custom bamboo pajamas for women|oem ladies biodegradable bamboo cotton period panties|wholesale bamboo underwear men custom logo seamless underwear

custom underwear

Step into the realm of ultimate comfort and style with our underwear manufacturer. We are dedicated to creating high-quality undergarments that redefine your everyday wear. From sleek designs to premium fabrics, our diverse range of underwear ensures a perfect fit for everyone. Embrace the confidence that comes with wearing our exceptional collection, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Discover the essence of comfort and style with our underwear, designed to enhance your daily life with unmatched quality and support.

classic knitting pullover sweater cashmere jumper for women 100% crew neck cashmere sweater

custom cashmere sweater

Welcome to our world of luxury and comfort! As a leading clothing manufacturer, we specialize in crafting exquisite custom cashmere sweaters. With meticulous attention to detail, we create personalized pieces that epitomize elegance and warmth, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every wearer. Discover the perfect blend of style and softness with our custom cashmere sweater collection.

Abaya Dubai Turkey Muslim Hijab Dress Kaftan Caftan Marocain Islamic Clothing for Women Ramadan Dresses Islam Robe Musulman

Islamic Clothing Wholesale

Welcome to Islamic Clothing Wholesale! As a reputable clothing manufacturer, we take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality Islamic apparel. Our designs blend modesty and style, catering to diverse preferences. Join us for a seamless wholesale experience and embrace the beauty of Islamic fashion.


Communication and consultation
Our company offers an extensive range of custom clothing types, including sportswear, silk wear, bamboo wear, linen clothing, and more. We are committed to providing personalized, one-to-one service to each of our clients. To ensure that your custom clothing meets your precise specifications, we require that you provide us with the clothing design draft, style, size, logo design, and any other relevant details. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations. You can trust us to deliver the highest quality custom clothing that reflects your unique brand identity and vision.
Determine fabric and plate-making
In the absence of a sample, we require that you provide the design draft in picture form, including all relevant details. Based on your design, we will create a production plan and fabric plan that aligns with your requirements. In the event that you require modifications to a sample garment, we request that you indicate the details of the necessary modifications. Based on your specifications, we will find the appropriate fabric and develop a production plan that accommodates your sample clothes.
Confirm the sample.
We offer one free modification for significant alterations after the customer receives the sample. For minor modifications, we will create a revised sample according to the customer's specifications, but a second sample fee will be charged. However, this fee can be refunded when the customer orders bulk goods. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality products ensures that your custom clothing will meet your expectations.
Batch production
Upon receipt of the sample, we will evaluate it based on the customer's clothing type and strive to produce it according to the minimum MOQ. If the sample meets the customer's needs, we will work with them to create a production plan that aligns with their requirements. For instance, the minimum order for t-shirts is 50 pieces.


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Good at sourcing different fabric

We leverage our extensive industry experience to meet the unique needs of our customers. By providing us with design drawings and clothing concepts, we can assist our clients in selecting the most suitable fabric from a variety of options. Our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and support to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products that meet their specific requirements.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Every single one of our products is made with care and attention. We take pride in making sure that they meet high standards before shipped out to their destination, ensuring you get a perfect product every time!

A team with creative ideas

Our team is a group of creative minds who over the past five years have designed and engineered 5G radiation-proof clothing that has been met with great success in its market. We're looking forward to creating more high quality goods according your needs, as well!

Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

With our state of the art machinery and skilled designers, we are able to produce a minimum 50 different designs per piece.

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What you can do with Clothing manufacturer of Bestofshield?

We Provide OEM&ODM Service!

Starting a clothing line is always an exciting time in and fashion designer’s life. Creative ideas, ambitious projects are just around the corner!perhaps most crucial aspect for any new aspiring entrepreneur starting their own brand from scratch?choosing skilled manufacturers that can help bring these designs into reality
A successful business venture requires careful planning before diving headfirst into production- making sure you find reputable partners who will work hard alongside us as we create brands worth living through -one shirt at istonces particular ,here is the answer! 

all types of sportswear|global sportswear|design sportswear
    We are committed to working with the fashion industry's most innovative, trendsetting brands. We customize our clothing for a personalized look that is tailored just right!
    What's the best way to improve your team outfit? Do you often host teams at work or are looking for something new and different in order get that competitive edge, well we have what it takes!
    Bestofshield's workout clothing designed for ultimate performance in workouts. Compliment the hard work and dedication to training with your gym apparel.
    Stop looking for that perfect dress, we have what you need! The next time your friends are getting together to celebrate something or just want somewhere nice where they can wear their sparkly dresses from last night; call us up because our party gowns will be sure make everyone happy.
    Custom corporate apparel lets you show your company's logo on dress shirts, polos and sweatshirts. We have a wide variety of customizable options so that every employee can look professional!

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Bestofshield offers a range of services, including design assistance, pattern making, fabric sourcing, sample production, and bulk manufacturing of garments.

Yes, many clothing manufacturers can produce garments based on custom designs provided by the client. They often collaborate closely with clients to bring their unique concepts to life.

The lead time for clothing manufacturing can vary depending on the complexity of the order and the manufacturer’s current workload. Generally, it may range from a few weeks to a few months.

Yes, most clothing manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. This helps ensure cost-effectiveness in production and often varies based on the type of garment and fabric.

Yes, Bestofshield are experienced in working with a wide range of fabrics and materials, including natural fibers like cotton and silk, as well as synthetic fabrics like polyester and spandex.

Bestofshield offer additional services, such as labeling, tagging, and custom packaging of garments, which can be tailored to the client’s branding and specifications.

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