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Bestofshield crafts custom clothing for fashion brands of all sizes. As a leading manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specifications, drawing from decades of experience in the industry. Trusted globally, we assist startups and established brands alike in bringing their custom designs to life, be it logos, prints, labels, or more. Our aim is to provide high-quality services, offering flexible custom packages to suit every budget while maximizing customization options.

Bestofshield was founded with the mission to simplify and make accessible the process of manufacturing custom, high-quality clothing.

Starting From As Low As 50 Customized Pieces

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Our Simple Three-Step-Process To Production

Getting You One Step Closer To A Stable, Reliable And Transparent Clothing Manufacturer.

Our motivation to establish a clothing website was sparked by the idea of anti-5G radiation protective clothing. Upon understanding this concept, I committed to designing more garments that are beneficial to human health. This inspiration led me to excel in identifying natural and eco-friendly materials, enabling me to tailor unique apparel for small, medium, and large brands.

The first step is to provide you with a customized quote for your project. For this, we need a detailed outline of your requirements.
Step 2
Next, we create a sample piece for you to evaluate in terms of fabric, fit, feel, and craftsmanship. This stage may involve several iterations to perfect the product before proceeding to the bulk order.
Step 2
Step 3
Bulk Production
After your approval of the sample, we move forward with the bulk production. This step is initiated only when you are completely satisfied and ready to proceed.
Step 3
Why us

The benifit you can get from cooperate with us

One-Stop Solution

Get your garments, custom tags, and packaging all from one source with us, streamlining your supply chain to save time and focus on your business.

Guarantee Your Quality

Our rigorous quality checks exceed industry standards, reflecting our commitment to creating high-quality clothing, as evidenced by our outstanding reviews.

Lower Your Inventory Risk

Avoid excess stock and waste with our low MOQ of just 50 pieces each, allowing new brands to experiment cost-effectively and eco-consciously.

Bring Creative Ideas To Life

Tell us your ideas, and we'll transform them into reality. Our role is to develop your concepts and manage the clothing production process, freeing you to concentrate on marketing and growing your brand.

Our Clothing Producing Video

With 50 skilled workers and 20 production lines, we can ship goods quickly

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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Bestofshield offers a range of services, including design assistance, pattern making, fabric sourcing, sample production, and bulk manufacturing of garments.

Yes, many clothing manufacturers can produce garments based on custom designs provided by the client. They often collaborate closely with clients to bring their unique concepts to life.

The lead time for clothing manufacturing can vary depending on the complexity of the order and the manufacturer’s current workload. Generally, it may range from a few weeks to a few months.

Yes, most clothing manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. This helps ensure cost-effectiveness in production and often varies based on the type of garment and fabric.

Yes, Bestofshield are experienced in working with a wide range of fabrics and materials, including natural fibers like cotton and silk, as well as synthetic fabrics like polyester and spandex.

Bestofshield offer additional services, such as labeling, tagging, and custom packaging of garments, which can be tailored to the client’s branding and specifications.

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