Shouldn’t we wear daliy emf hoodie or not?

Silver fiber is a new type of silver-coated fiber product developed on the basis of X-static silver fiber technology. It adopts vacuum magnetron sputtering silver-coated technology, which is resistant to oxidation, perspiration and salt water, and has the conductivity of silver wire. Silver fiber is the surface of nylon silk with pure silver wrapped into a permanent layer of silver fiber, which not only maintains the function of nylon silk, but also has the function of electric conductivity, antibacterial, deodorant, temperature regulation. According to science and technology reports: the bactericidal mechanism of silver is to block the physiological process of bacteria, silver ions have very high biological activity, destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, cause protein solidification, so as to block the respiration and reproduction process of bacterial cells. The warmer and more humid the environment, the more active the silver ions are, so the silver fiber is suitable for clothing.

Rake the principle of the vacuum magnetron sputtering is more abnormal glow discharge plasma produced under the action of electric field, to bombardment of the cathode surface of target, the target material such as molecules, atoms, ions and electrons on the surface of the sputter out, by sputtering of particles with a certain kinetic energy, along a certain direction toward the substrate surface (nylon), formed in the substrate surface coating.

The EMF radiation fabric is so soft that when you wear it, you feel like you’re wearing space cotton.

Today is the ERA of 5G technology, when people accept emerging electronic things, they inevitably have to be exposed to some electric and magnetic fields, especially when answering the cell phone, the radiation from speaker phone will cause a mounts of radiation are bad to our ears. or use some wireless devices,laptop computers which harmful emf will cause certain emf radiation damage to our body. Therefore, our company invented this kind of emf shielding fabric made of cotton cloth combined with silver fiber. Our company makes a combination of tencel cotton and pure cotton cloth, which can not only maintain the characteristics of clothing fashion, but also play an blocking emf effect.


In the traditional radiation protection only silver material is a step forward, this cloth can be made into a variety of emf shielding clothing, such as the European and American favorite emf clothing like hoodies, t-shirts and so on.

It can also be made into anti-bacterial and emf radiation underwear.


So how does this emf protection clothing work? When worn, it forms a Faraday cage in your body, where the shielding material act to block the radiation from any everyday electronic device, such as an induction cooker, wifi box, or 5G tower. It forms a protective cover for the human body, and its emf radiation value is about 57dB in the range of 1G to 5G. After testing with our emf meter, the electromagnetic waves emf levels
showes “ZERO“. You can refer the shielding performance to the following test video.

Does the emf protection clothing have a shield life? How long is the shield life?

The answer is yes.

emf protection clothing research center experts made a professional answer. Experts say: emf protection products has a shield life. emf shielding clothing has shield life because the particularity of the material makes the emf protection clothing itself has a certain shield life, because the emf protection clothing is made of metal wire and woven fabric, and the metal wire because of its particularity, such as easy oxidation, easy to break and so on, the emf protection products has shield life. The shield life of anti radiation clothing work of different materials is also different.

Two countries trapped on the market at present the most popular is the metal fiber radiation protection suit and silver fiber emf shielding clothing, according to these two kinds of material for the explanation.

At present the most popular on market is metal fiber to prevent rf radiation to wear and silver fiber to prevent radiation to wear, according to these two kinds of material to undertake explanation.

1. Metal fiber emf protection clothing.

The shield life of metal fiber emf protection clothing is generally around 12 months, which is the shield life under the condition of not wearing it, but if it is worn or cleaned for a long time, its life and the effect of radiation protection suit will be greatly reduced.

2.Silver fiber emf protection clothing.

Silver fiber emf protection clothing shield life is generally in 15 months or so. Its radiation-proof performance is higher than that of metal fiber, but silver fiber is easy to oxidize with molecules in the air, thus affecting the effect of shielding electromagnetic fields, which is not conducive to long-term wearing and washing.

Bestofshield adopts a new high elastic nano silver ion sputtering process, which not only improves the oxidation resistance of silver fiber, but also greatly improves the radiation resistance.

But the slow blackening of silver fiber is inevitable. The slow blackening of silver fiber is the sign that it contains pure silver. After the discoloration, silver fiber still has anti-radiation and anti-bacterial effect. As long as you pay attention to the maintenance method, silver fiber can have long-term effects.

Tips: In order to ensure the shield life of emf protection product, the following aspects should be taken care of.

1. the use of best emf protection silver fiber.

During the processing of silver fiber, it is best to use up the amount on the same day. If the silver fiber yarn is not used up, it can be sealed with plastic film bag, which can slow down the speed of vulcanization and facilitate the next use.

2.silver fiber clothing storage

After production, use a sealed bag to seal and isolate the air, which can extend the service life of the silver fiber radiation protection suit.

3. washing precautions

Wash below 40℃, do not use chlorine bleach , gently rub during washing, machine wash using silk file, dry or air dry after washing (when the silver fiber layer is exposed to the inside, do not expose to the sun), and then put into plastic bags.

If you need ironing, try to use separate cloth ironing, the temperature should not be too high. Avoid prolonged cleaning. Frequent cleaning of radiation protective clothing will easily lead to oxidation and deterioration of the material inside the clothing, which will affect the effect of radiation protective clothing

1, avoid long time cleaning. Frequent cleaning of radiation protective clothing will easily lead to oxidation and deterioration of the material inside the clothing, which will affect the effect of radiation protective clothing

2, if it is impossible to avoid washing, to do gentle hand wash, do not swing dry, wring dry.

3, hang dry, avoid long exposure to the sun.

4. After washing, it is best to seal and hang it up。

In addition to radiation protective clothing, our company also invented a variety of emf protection products, such as radiation protective caps, bed canopies, radiation protective gloves ,belly band and so on, our company will continue to work on inventing more health care clothing suitable for human health, because health is a very important topic.










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