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Bestofshield was founded in 2015. It is an industry and trade integrated company dedicated to global clothing customization.  We integrate the resources of hundreds of garment, trademark and packaging factories.  Whether you are a custom clothing, or to make trademark, or including follow-up packaging requirements, we could have a one-stop service for you, you don’t need to find a few companies customize different products at the same time, we will to the best quality, price and minimum quantity to serve you, this means that our custom service more flexible.  Good service, as well as the follow-up after-sales solutions can let you rest assured that the product to us, no matter you are just a start-up white or the industry, we can make your own customized clothing for you.

Since its establishment more than 7 years ago, our product customization service has been highly recognized by the overseas market, including fitness wear, underwear, bra, home wear, hats, and radiation protection functional clothing.  

In addition to helping you customize your brand products, we also have the ability to invent new products, now 5G era already come, so we invented a series of EMF protection products to protect the body from the radiation damage , especially given priority to with lingerie costumes, we will is the escort of your body, the subsequent we will invent more functional clothing.  

Look forward to working with you hand in hand, win-win cooperation!



The reason why choose us?


Very long leg cutting, even if you live with your parents at home, there is no such embarrassment as safety pants and underwear, you can directly wear them at home for sports and fitness.

3A antibacterial Fabric

Keep away from odor and itching, effectively inhibit bacterial breeding, dry and comfortable without sultry.

100% Organic fabric

The fabric is soft, elastic, breathable, color fastness is high, not easy to fade, no fluorescent agent.

More options for sizes

The elasticity of the pants is super good, the waist is not tight, and the mouth of the pants is comfortable. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, and even chubby beauties can choose the right size for themselves

EMF Function

Many men carry their mobile phones in their trousers pockets for convenience. Do you carry your mobile phones in your trousers pockets? Do you know how much radiation from cell phones can affect our reproductive organs? The sperm rate of men decreased significantly, and women had spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation. Get rid of this habit from today, if not, please put on the radiation proof underwear invented by our company! Radiation proof underwear can protect your reproductive organs from radiation.

Not all cotton panties are called cotton panties.

The pure cotton underwear we use is definitely not the ordinary pure cotton underwear on the market. It is the organic soft cotton with the certification of organic cotton purification. Clean cotton does not use pesticides in the growing process, which is not common fabrics so it does not induce allergies. Its fiber is soft and long, color vitality, made into 80 pieces of clothing as delicate as silk, natural breathable 16 seconds moisture absorption, 2 times of tension, stretching at will not deformation and this is a non-seasonal underwear to wear in summer, will not feel heavy and hot, comfortable and warm in winter It's one of the few times I've talked about a pair of underwear that's really easy to wear From find mostly have, meet all kinds of needs of you!

Underwear Type & Feature Products

We hold the concept of health, using natural and organic fabrics as the main, innovative production of high-end fabric panties, to protect people’s health.
Recently we have invented black technology underwear, anti-bacterial and anti-radiation underwear made of silver fiber.
 our company can provide a variety of customized underwear briefs, such as Modal,tencel,organic cotton,bamboo,lyocell,and etc.
Seamless pants. The bikini. High-waisted, mid-waisted, low-waisted, traceless underwear etc.


French Cut



Control Briefs

Boy Shorts




French Cut Panty/Bikini

High cut briefs

Maternity panties

List of fabric we use

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo 
  • Modal
  • Tencel
  • Viscose
  • Nylon
  • Lycra
  • Lyocell

We accept custom made underwear and styles in various materials

Cotton material: warm, soft, moisture absorption and sweat absorption ability is very good, not allergic, suitable for most people, recommended autumn and winter. The disadvantage is that more than a few times will be deformed and hardened, wet drainage is not good easy to breed bacteria, local climate is not recommended.
Mo Dyer: the wood pulp fiber of ju wood is made, hygroscopic sex is permeable sex platoon wet sex is very good and bear or bear wash, buy 60 of above, count jumps over tall underwear is softer, more wash more soft wear rises more comfortable, do not choose Mo dyer material to pledge to ju wood allergy.
Bamboo fiber: breathable moisture absorption and moisture discharge ability is better than Modal, natural antibacterial, to choose bamboo fiber, the disadvantage is that can not soak in water for a long time, can not rub hard, poor durability.
We adhere to the concept of health, using natural organic fabrics as the main, innovative production of high-end fabric underwear, for people’s health escort.
Recently we invented black tech underwear, antibacterial and radiation resistant underwear made of silver fiber. Our inner crotch is made of graphene and silk, which can be washed for 50 times and still has antibacterial function. By adding special moisture conduction process, it quickly penetrates into water and presents honeycomb shape, which is dry and moisture absorbing on the one side. It is recycled material and environmentally degradable. No ball, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear.
Our cloth environmental protection printing and dyeing for a long time does not fade, safe and pollution-free

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What Our Customers Say

I had hip surgery Monday. I bought a set of these on a whim, cringing at the price. I’ve never been so thankful for an impulse buy ever. When my thigh was swollen and covered in bandages, I could get my underwear on/off without trouble. When my brace was on, I could go to the bathroom. When my dressings needed to be changed, I didn’t need to totally expose myself. I don’t have to slide tight underwear over my stitches or try to step into them and fight to get them up. I can do everything at hip height. THESE ARE AMAZING
skin cleanser template testimonials avatar img 2.jpg
Jennifer Lewis
I am so happy I picked these up. The price shocked me too but they’re going to very worth it in the next weeks and months when I have limited mobility! I had an ACL reconstruction on my knee and I am non weight bearing on crutches for now. I have a 30” waist and 44” hip (5’6” 170 pounds) and the XL fits perfectly. I purchased in Feb 2022. I saw some reviews and questions and answers that said a 44-45” hip might not fit the XL, but for me it works really well. Would be amazing to see these offered in extended sizing (1X-4X) so I could get these for my grandma who is getting two total hip replacements later this year.
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Alicia Heart
I say yes. I was worried because I have a "generous" tummy area. Most briefs for fuller size figures don't even go half way to my belly button. When I first took them out of the package I thought NOPE. But I tried them on and was very happily surprised. They stretch well and stay in place! No creeping down.
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Juan Carlos


We do 4 times strict quality control inspection before shipment to assure best quality.

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Within 7-30 days after we confirm you requirement.

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We consider honest as the life of our company, we can tell you the contact information of our some other clients for you to check our credit. Besides, there is trade assurance from Alibaba, your order and money will be well guaranteed.

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