how frequently do you change your bras?

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Many women know that they should change their underwear after three months, but have no idea when they should change their favorite bras. They work, study and live in bras that should have been replaced months or even years ago. Because they don’t know that a bra that has lost its expiration date is no longer functional.


When does it make you want to change your old bras? Wait for it to rot? Wait for it to get moldy? Our answer is: “it depends!”, Because it depends on a lot of factors. Like “How often?”, there is no single answer. The average bra has a life span of three to six months, so you should only wear an bras for six months before changing it, according to experts. But time alone doesn’t determine how well your old bra fits, and even if it hasn’t lasted that long, it’s time to replace your bra!

1. Breast cups frequently move up

Sometimes wearing bras in public is not very polite, in the hands and feet, underwear will be out of place. It can be awkward, especially if the cup size keeps moving up. This makes it impossible for you to pull your bra in public, which is very indecent.

It’s usually because the bottom of your bra, which is where the iron ring is too loose, or more commonly because the bra size is not clearly identified at the time of purchase, and you buy a wrong size bra. so the bra is too shallow and can only float on your chest like a plate. So when you raise your hand, the bras will naturally follow.


2. When you fasten your bra to the most restrictive button.

When we first put on a new bra, we usually start with the outermost button. The hook closures of your bra becomes increasingly loose as you wear it. You will gradually use some inner buttons to keep the bottom of your bra fitting properly.

When your bra is so loose that it has to be fastened so tightly that it still goes up, it’s time to “retire.”

3. The shoulder straps frequently slip.


Because of the sun and use, the stretched out bra bands and other positions in the underwear, shoulder strap will no longer stretchy after multiple washes. If you use it consistently, the bra’s supporting force on the chest will change and it will be unable to meet the previous supporting requirements.

This phenomenon could be caused by one of two factors.

One issue is that the bra cups is too small and loose, and the shoulder strap easily slips after constantly tugging.

The second mistake is to select the incorrect bra strap style. Each individual’s shoulder is unique; there is a wide shoulder, a narrow shoulder, a flat shoulder, a cut shoulder, and so on. we should do tape measure before choose a right bra.

Different shoulder styles are appropriate for various styles, such as shoulder cutting people should pay special attention to the underwear shoulder strap design can not be too outside, to choose those adduction design, As a result, it is difficult to slide.

Another common error with shoulder straps is that they are too narrow or too loose. Remember that the majority of the chest lift is generated by the shoulders, so the wider the straps and the stronger the pull, the better.

Straps that are too thin are purely decorative and provide very little lift. In the long run, your lovely, firm breasts will sag. This is not an exaggeration.


4 .When it is stained or has spots on it.

Because the bra is in direct contact with the body, there may be stains of bacteria or mildew that cannot be cleaned due to sweat stains or detergents, and continuing to wear it will have an skin irritation on health. If you can’t bear to throw them away, wash them with lingerie soap.

5. When a steel ring deforms.

The wrong way to wash the bra in washing machine and the wrong way to store it will have an impact on the shape of the steel ring.

If a deformed steel ring can be seen with the naked eye, it should be replaced right away. The smooth steel ring indicates that it is not deformed, whereas the uneven steel ring indicates that it is changeable. remenber to wash the bra in cold water,hand wash,use a mesh laundry bag ,hang dry,air dry.

6. When you get thin or fat, you need a new size.

Our breasts actually change with our bodies all the time, and when you gain weight or lose weight, it can affect the size of your breasts, not to mention that some women’s breasts change significantly during puberty and childbearing years.

7. When the bra cups loses its shape.

Improper storage of bra, easy to crush the bra cup, deformation of the molded cups will also affect the fixation and support of the breast.

Every few months, check your bra inventory. Take good care of your bra and need to be replaced new underwear when it expires. Keep your bra looking its best along with your person.


8. Indentation on the chest or back

As soon as the bra was unwrapped, there was a clear ring mark on the chest, indicating that the bra was too small. Want to know, steel rim resembles a frame, should suit bosom outline to give it to proper support force originally, but if too small press on bosom, can be like cutting bean curd the adipose that belongs to bosom was cut to go out, bosom can become smaller more.

If there is a strangulation mark on the back, it usually means that the bottom edge is too tight and needs to be enlarged. Or the bottom edge is too narrow, easy to get in, cause a strangulation mark.

Try to switch to one bra with wide straps. One is to increase bra’s support and stability, and the other is to disperse and balance fat.

Therefore, the rim on the inner cup is too empty or too tight

Empty means the cup is too big, pressed means the cup is too small. In these two cases, this underwear is no longer suitable for you, please do not hesitate to discard it.










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