what are beanie hats made of? 

While there are plenty of novelty lei Feng hats, berets, baseball cap, and big fuzzy hats in the fall and winter, many people are still prefer wool hats and beanie hat, which can be beautifully knitted and woven winter headgear. They have developed from outdoor workers to prevent grease and dirt to men, women and children like headwear.

Adults and children from different backgrounds and cultures like to wear beanies
. They can provide all the warmth you need on cold winter days, and they can also be used as a fashion item. The good thing about beanie hats is that they can be worn with almost any type of clothing. Most small beanie hats are made of elastic yarn or elastic material. When the cold weather is coming, you use it to protect your head. Most of these propeller beanie
are perfect for all seasons, look amazing and fit easily into a bag or even your back pocket. Although hats can never be folded and stored in your wallet.

If you wear your hat perfectly, it can be the perfect complement to your extraordinary outdoor outfit. It’s easy to find the right type of cap, and enjoy every feeling it evokes.

Skull Caps, ski hats, knit Caps, stocking Caps, toques, and Berets all fall into the category of beanie hats. They are all different names for different types of hats, with different designs, places of origin, fits, materials, etc. A good woolen hat and knitted hat must have a good cap type and material, knitting hat classification and material what? Now I’m going to share some knowledge with you.

1.Cuffless Beanies


Now the most common clothing store is a non-folding beanie hats. Non-reflexes are those with a well-defined length (typically 2 inches). Usually, the edge of each plain little round hat will reach your forehead. This is a small round hat best suited to normal weather conditions, as it increases the thickness of the opening and keeps your head hot at all times.

You can find these non-reversible little hats in many beautiful colors like dark blue, dark brown and black. You can also find clashing color pairings, such as red with some white and yellow, or with different patterns. Some of the non – reflexes of the small round hats have already embroidered patterns.

2.Cuffed Beanies


As opposed to the non-reflexed Beanies hats, this one has a reflexed bottom edge that completely covers your ears and forehead. One of the best winter hats for men and women, this basic little round hat has no embellishments. Usually, you’ll find cotton and wool yarns. Wool hats, however, are better than cotton. All the reflexes of small round hats come with some extra material woven into hats to create unique fabrics that have become a popular reflexes.

The reflexes will be a little higher around your ears and forehead. That’s why it keeps the whole head warm throughout the winter, and whenever you wear it, you don’t look overly wrapped. The simple nature of reflexes means you can wear them with just about anything. This is a basic accessory that you can wear in one color, such as Burgundy, gray or black.

3.Slouch Beanie hats


The slouchy beanie hats is probably the only bonnet that doesn’t fold back. It has a longer style that is actually worn above your ears and has some extra material that slopes behind your ears.

It was one of the most popular pillbox hats of the mid-20th century. If you’re not paying attention while wearing this little bonnet, you’ll probably look a little funny. Once considered synonymous with teenagers, the crepe bonnet has evolved over time into one of the perfect hats for stylish men and women. Stars such as David Beckham and Taylor Swift have worn them. This little cap can look young or stylish to you, depending on your personal fashion sense and what you choose to wear with it.

4.High Top Beanie hats


If you want to make a loud fashion statement with your choice of pillbox, then you should wear a pillbox. While this little bowler might end up keeping your head warm, it’s also one of the coolest little bowlers around. You can wear this popular pillbox in different ways. Whenever you wear a top style pillbox, wearing it definitely makes you taller. You have to make sure you don’t end up wearing it too high to prevent it falling off. You should also make sure that the extra knitting material pokes up at the back of your head without looking like your head has a strange shape. This look goes with almost anything you want it to go with.

Some hats are great for keeping you warm, others accentuate your fashion sense, and some are both. With these tips, you can choose the best bonnet for you depending on what’s most important to you, whether it’s keeping warm or looking stylish.

5.Fisherman Beanie / skull cap


The short bowler (also known as fisherman’s bowler) is very new in the world of bowlers for both men and women. Recently, we’ve seen the popularity of the short bonnet grow, yet many people have never heard of this new addition. The short cap is a heavy, wavy material cap. The top of the hat is a bit shallow, so literally it sits on top of your head and doesn’t necessarily cover your ears.

Only stylish, confident men and women will wear this small round hat. If you wear it right, you will look amazing on it. The most classic short pillbox comes in navy, gray and black.

6.Earflap Beanies


Hats with flaps in winter are called ear-flaps. The sides of a small round cap covering the ear valves. They can also be decorated with tassels that you can easily tie around your chin. These types of small round hats look perfect for young and beautiful children and teenagers. They come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, in clashing and solid colors, or with embroidered logos and motifs. Like most reflexes, ear-flaps are a great outfit for the cold winter months.

7.Pompom Beanies hats


Autumn and winter hat new interpretation: knitting hat material, knitting hat with what material is good

In fact, there are a lot of different types of knitted hat materials in the 2019 Knitting Exhibition. Generally speaking, knitting hats are as diverse as their materials and types. Common materials are wool hats and cashmere knitted hats.

8.EMF beanie hats


EMF protection beanie hats is a kind of health cap invented based on the advent of 5G era. It adds 100% silver fiber to prevent radiation, which can effectively block the radiation brought by 5G and daily electrical appliances.
It protects people’s brains from radiation damage.

Wool hat selection of wool usually refers to the yarn spun by wool, there are also different kinds of chemical fiber material spun into the line, such as: acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, cotton material, etc., wool products of different materials, only need a lighter, generally can be distinguished. Wool knitted hats are usually cashmere or imitation cashmere.

All it takes is a lighter to tell the difference. Wool knitted hats are usually cashmere or imitation cashmere.

1, knitting hat material: wool hat subclass

1.1 Wool cap subclass: COTTON material: 100%COTTON

Cotton thread in the burning, there will be a burning paper taste, flame orange, blue smoke, wool does not shrink does not melt, leaving the source of fire, but also can continue to burn, there is a small amount of gray powder, powder soft, hand gently a touch will become powder.

1.2 WOOL cap Subclass: WOOL fiber: 100% merino sheep wool

When close to the fire source, wool will immediately curl, slowly dissolve, flame orange, there is a smoke smell of burning hair, particles are shiny and amorphous xuan color block, loose and brittle and rough, hand grinding immediately crushed.

1.3 Wool cap subclass: POLYESTER fiber: POLYESTER

Close to the flame first melting shrinkage after melting, smoke, slow combustion; The flame is yellow and white, and continues to burn away from the flame, sometimes self-extinguishing; Smell: special sweet smell; Residue characteristics: hard black beads.

2. Fashion knitted hats for autumn and winter

2.1 Wool cap subclass: NYLON fiber: NYLON

Close to flame: melting; Contact flame: molten, smoke; 2. To leave the flame; Smell: amino taste; Residue characteristics: hard light brown transparent beads.

2.2 Woolen hat subclass: ACRYLIC fiber /synthetic fibers

Acrylic fiber: close to flame: melting; Contact flame: molten, smoke; 3. To continue to burn and emit black smoke; Smell: spicy; Residue characteristics: black irregular beads, fragile.

2.3 Wool cap subclass: Polypropylene fiber POLYPROPLENE

Polypropylene fiber: close to flame: melting; Contact flame: melting, burning; 2. To continue to burn; Smell: paraffin smell; Residue characteristics: gray – white hard transparent beads.

3. Knitted hat material: plush hat

3.1 Plush hats: cashmere

Cashmere refers to cashmere, is long in the goat surface cortex, covering the root of the goat hair a thin layer of fine cashmere. Cold winter long, resist wind and cold, warm spring off, natural adaptation to the climate. Cashmere grows only on goats.

3.2 Plush hats: sheep wool

Many people call the fine wool on sheep, which has similar properties to cashmere, cashmere, but there is no wool in sheep. Cashmere is actually a kind of high-quality wool.

3.3 Plush hats: imitation cashmere

It is made of acrylic fiber after special treatment, so that it has the smooth, soft, elastic feel of natural cashmere, and has fine dyeing performance of acrylic fiber line, known as imitation cashmere. This product has a brighter and richer color than natural cashmere. But in the actual wearing still can not get rid of acrylic static electricity problem.

3.4 Plush hats: rabbit plush

The fine hairs at the base of the rabbit hair. In addition, rabbit velvet fiber is a medullary cavity layer with porous structure, so its warmth retention is 2 times that of wool, moisture absorption is better than other natural fibers, and it has the health care performance of skin maintenance. Had colour rabbit velvet again now, the price is more general rabbit velvet wants a lot of expensive.

3. the reasons for the difference in the price of knit caps

Knitted hat is in recent years, in fashionable sheet of qiu dong hat is tasted, very popular all the time and indispensable hat design, the order of knitted hat every year is very much, new interpretation hat manufacturer is very busy, this year also is no exception. Many customers do not understand why there is such a big difference in the price of a knitted hat, especially why children’s knitted hat is higher than adult knitted hat custom price.

The reasons for the difference in the custom price of knitted caps will appear in the following links:

1. Knitted hat custom fabric difference: wool, plush, cotton, 90% plush + other blends

2. Knitted hat custom accessories and accessories

3. The degree of fine workmanship of knitted hat

4. Knit cap custom style

5. Quantity of knitted caps

Custom knitted hats, especially children’s knitted hats, you must insert bright eyes oh. “You get what you pay for.” It’s important to remember that different quality products have different prices. Before, we also had inquiries from customers, because others thought our quotation was too high at the price of seven or eight yuan. Later, after receiving the samples and looking at the materials used, the truth finally came out: the original factory used very poor materials, which were not skin-friendly and might even make children allergic. No wonder the factory price is seven or eight dollars a head, it is really very cheap, and then saw our new interpretation of the hat manufacturer according to the sample provided by the proofing, or choose us.

Now living conditions are good, consumers care about is not only the price, but also the quality, our new interpretation in high-end knitting hat hat manufacturer is ordered, so the material used in the production also is very good, of course the price with those made of poor materials and knitting hat price is little different, but relative to the other of the same fabric knitted cap, our price is very cheap.

Autumn and winter hat new interpretation: knitting hat classification and material? The reason for the price difference of knitted hat customization is over today. Thank you for your attention and support to the new interpretation of hats.










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