The difference between tencel, ice silk, modal and real silk


1. Composition and manufacturing process differences.

Silk is a natural material, generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, the main component is protein.

Ice silk, tencel, modal fabric are all new chemical fibers, the differences are as follows:

The first generation of wood-pulp fibers –ordinary viscose fiber (one of them, called “Viscose” because it feels cold to the touch and is cool to wear);

The second generation of wood pulp fiber Modal (the previous notes have been introduced)

Third generation wood pulp fibre -Lyocell (Tencel is one of the most famous, transliterated from Tencel).

To put it simply, after the upgrade of ice silk technology, there was Modal, and after the upgrade of Modal technology, there was tencel.

2. Price difference of the same yarn count density.

Silk is more expensive than tencel, tencel more expensive than modal, modal more expensive than ice silk.

3. Comparison of functions and uses.

Silk: soft, smooth and light, with pearly luster, wear

It has certain health care properties by absorbing wet gas and relieving itching. Disadvantage is delicate and difficult to take care of, catharsis and protect more bother to care for, real silk product is the best.

Dry clean or wash gently by hand in cold water. A high-end shirt or pair of shirts often used in summer.

Bed sheets, pajamas, dresses, etc.

Ice silk: the moisture content of the most consistent with the physiological needs of human skin chemical fiber, Cool, breathable nature, drooping style, pliancy, non-fading, anti-static, especially sustainable fabric for summer wear, but also often used to make summer quilt. The disadvantage is easy to dirty, and dirt is easy to penetrate into the fiber interior.

Model: As described in detail in the previous note, I will not repeat it here.

Tencel: it is claimed to have the comfort of organic cotton, the strength of polyester, the warmth of wool, the drape and feel of silk, all aspects of the index are very good. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle. The application is very extensive, close-fitting, outerwear can be worn, to casual fashion and home textile quilt cover as the core market.

4, silk, ice silk, tencel, modal identification method.

Real silk and ice silk can be distinguished from the price, real silk is the most expensive, ice silk is the cheapest.

There will be deflagration phenomenon after tencel is lit with a lighter, Because tencel fiber composition is purer, easier to burn, the ash is black.

Modale is second only to tencel, which can only be distinguished by laboratory tests. Modal burns with a white ash.










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