Why we need to wear EMF protection Underwear?

emf anti radiation underwear2
emf anti radiation underwear2

Radiation blocking Underwear – What they are and why to wear?

In the 21st century, many people not only have social anxiety, work anxiety, hair loss anxiety … especially under the influence of the epidemic, the demand for health is also increasing, gradually evolving into health anxiety.

So, when “anti-bacterial” products appear, they perfectly match the anxiety of modern adults’ desire for a healthy life, so they remain popular, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The truth is that humans are evolving, and antibacterial underwear is improving as well.

As a daily necessity in people’s lives, it has progressed from being good-looking, comfortable, and sexy, to triangle, quadrangle, cotton, modal, thong, C-string, and finally disposable, self-heating, activated charcoal, anti-bacterial, and many other functional underwear, and most people may believe there is nothing wrong with it.

All anti-bacterial emf underwear on the market today can be classified into three types:one is the addition of antibacterial drugs panties, the second is the addition of antibacterial metal elements panties, three is the physical antibacterial panties.

2, the first two types of panties fabric added drugs or metal elements, long-term wear easy allergies or other side effects, please use caution. Although businesses are advertised as having no side effects, there is no testing by authoritative agencies, and there is more false propaganda.

3, the third is the use of bamboo natural anti bacterial properties to achieve anti bacterial effect, bamboo is currently found to have a clear physical anti bacterial effect of the material, because there is no need to add other drugs, so there will be no side effects.

4, and we are a emf protection clothing companies has now invented a emf underwear silver fiber and cotton fiber combination of fabric, which we called emf protection underwear ,it use wavestopper technology. it can not only blocking emf radiation effect on human health, it also has the silver ion can absorbing antibacterial .which are top quality products in the underwear area.

Because silver metal is a conductive material, so the silver ions contained in the fabric made of silver fiber can not only enhance the body circulation detoxification, anti bacterial and anti microbial, anti-insect and moth, it can also prevent cell phone radiation, WIFI radiation on the human body, especially the male genitalia bring harm.

The fabric of anti bacterial underwear is generally nano-silver fiber material or natural bamboo fiber. Silver is a natural anti bacterial material, non-toxic and harmless to humans, in the medical field, sterile supplies made of silver fiber are also very common. Silver has a bactericidal effect, with silver tableware food is not easy to ferment acid; silver compounds can be smelting burns wrapped wounds; silver chopsticks can detect the poisonous agent of sulfur in food.

Antibacterial boxer briefs are made of fabric with anti bacterial ability for men and women. Antibacterial boxer briefs have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects because they are made of natural plant fiber material without any stimulating ingredients, and in the auxiliary materials and processing, special attention is paid to the softness and breathability of the fabric to fully ensure the freshness and softness of the anti bacterial panties.

EMF protection underwear contains silver fibers, creating a shielded radiation “Faraday box”, the electromagnetic waves that reach the “Faraday box” area will be dispersed to various places, thus ensuring zero radiation in the reproductive organs. and when you wear such EMF underwear,it feels very comfortable,just like wear a cloud.

For those who like to version of the phone in the pocket of male users, the preparation of a radiation protection underwear is necessary.it can shield your body from the radiation harm.


The Daily Mail reports that experts have previously warned that men who often put their phones in their trouser pockets are “cooking their sperm”. Now three French students have worked together to design a pair of emf protection underwear that will protect men from 99% of harmful cellphoneradiation in order to improve fertility.

For those male users who like to keep their cell phones in their pockets, it is necessary to prepare a radiation-proof underwear.

The Daily Mail reports that experts have previously warned that men who often put their cell phones includes wifi radiation in their pants pockets are “cooking their sperm”. Now three French students have worked together to design a pair of emf protection underwear that will protect men from 99% of harmful emf radiation in order to improve fertility.

And claims that the ability of this underwear radiation protection can block 99% of radiation signals, including WiFi.

The material used is pure silver inside cotton fabric. In addition, the panties will not trigger the metal detector alarm even when passing through security checks such as airports.

Most of the components of these panties are labeled: “outer layer of taping cotton; lining ionic silver radiation protection fabric; performance; shielding frequency of 50HZ-12GHZ, shielding effect for industrial frequency ≥ 30DB, shortwave ≥ 35DB, ultra-shortwave ≥ 300B, far-infrared radiation rate ≥ 80%. The physical indicators of the fabric are up to or higher than the relevant national textile industry standards, through the cloth of electromagnetic wave energy attenuation of more than 99.9%.” The new type is a kind of underwear, especially an anti-radiation men’s underwear, consisting of a front crotch, two sides of the front panel and a piece of back panel, where the front crotch is composed of inner layer, middle layer and outer layer in turn from inside to outside; the said middle layer is silver fiber. The utility model provides anti-radiation men’s underwear with anti-radiation, anti-static, strong deodorant, strong anti-bacterial, all-natural, silver fiber heat insulation characteristics and health effects.

These years, the medical community has just started not to care about Chinese medicine prescriptions, the name of Chinese medicine has long been widely known, and gradually the people have just started scientific research on a variety of drugs, and a variety of health-related organizations, silver fiber can be added to many objects, seemingly unrelated to the human body, in fact, in daily life can be seen everywhere, silver fiber will be added to maternity radiation protection clothing, underwear, clothing The key role of silver fiber is to prevent electromagnetic radiation, deodorization and anti-sweat.

Silver fiber underwear is a kind of silver fiber blended fabric cotton textile made of new technology material. The silver fiber underpants on the market at present can be divided into three kinds of silver fiber cotton underpants, gold-plated chemical fiber underpants, gold-plated chemical fiber underpants and all-silver fiber cotton underpants according to the different blended fabric materials. In which the silver fiber cotton panties are more comfortable and the actual effect of sterilization is stronger.

The majority of people understand that silver is a metallic material substance with a variety of unique characteristics and has been evaluated from ancient times as a false purple to ward off evil. Therefore, the application of silver fiber made of silver fiber underwear has a number of characteristics as follows.

1. Anti-electromagnetic radiation

Silver has excellent electrical conductivity, which is many times or even a thousand times more than that of ordinary metal materials. The conductivity of silver can reasonably be shielded from the electromagnetic radiation of life and living.  The shield effectiveness is 50db in 5G area,which means it can blocking 99 of emf radiation.

2. Super strong anti-bacterial

The emf underwear is in direct contact with your private area, so the general selection of materials for the underwear is made using comfortable and non-irritating carry out. The silver fiber panties are not only comfortable and non-irritating, but the panties also have strong anti-bacterial properties. The basic principle of silver fiber panties is to block the physiological process of germs, that is, mainly using the biological activity of silver ions will be fused with other substances to promote the condensation of proteins inside and outside the cytoplasm of germs, and then blocked the breeding of germs, with anti-bacterial effect.

3. All-natural

The silver fiber panties are made from silver fiber, the silver ions in the silver fiber is a natural element, it has a comfortable, non-irritating all-natural nature. Therefore, you can wear silver fiber underwear with peace of mind.

4. Thermal insulation

emf underwear also has the effect of heat insulation. Silver fiber underwear insulation insulation insulation moisture hydration specific performance in: silver fiber underwear inside the silver fiber can quickly release the temperature transmission on the skin, to reduce the body temperature to do cool feeling; and in winter, the body’s skin pores have not a lot of sweating, human body temperature outflow are due to radiation source utility, and silver is the most effective storage and reflection surface material, can be radiation storage or reflection surface back to the human body In order to cause the best cold-proof and warm actual effect.

5. Super strong anti-odor

In addition to the above four effects, silver fiber underwear also has a super strong anti-odor effect. The silver ions in the silver fiber emf underwear have the effect of eliminating mold and odor, and can dissolve the sweat scale and other substances in the human body, thus having the effect of anti-bacteria and deodorization.

The actual fact is that you can find out about the five main effects of silver fiber underwear, the silver fiber underwear for everyone’s physical and mental health is able to have a very good safety protection effect. The actual fact is that you can pick silver fiber underwear to wear in your life. In addition, in addition to the silver fiber underwear is very worthy of your purchase, the silver fiber maternity radiation protection clothing made of silver fiber is also very worthy of your wear application.

In addition to the outer layer using our company’s invented silver fiber fabric underwear, we also have several natural anti bacterial fiber fabrics for the inner crotch fabric, they are

1, 3A grade anti bacterial graphene crotch fabric

img 5874(20210714 125027)
img 5874(20210714 125027)

With heat function, antibacterial moisture conduction, antibacterial mite, deodorization and self-cleaning

2. Silk natural fiber crotch fabric – anti bacterial moisture conduction, anti bacterial, anti-mite, deodorant self-cleaning.


Raw materials extracted from silkworm pupae, with natural anti bacterial effect, containing protein required by the human body

3. Seaweed natural fiber fabric -anti bacterial and moisture conductive, anti bacterial and mite, deodorizing and self-cleaning

img 6719(20210822 183839)
img 6719(20210822 183839)

4. Open aloe vera fiber


fabric – anti bacterial moisture conduction, anti bacterial and mite, deodorant and self-cleaning

5. Natural grass coral 3A grade recycled fiber anti bacterial functional fabric – anti bacterial

img 6718(20210822 183834)
img 6718(20210822 183834)

moisture conduction, anti bacterialmite, deodorization and self-cleaning

6. DuPont SORONA poly lactic acid corn fiber environmentally friendly biodegradable GRS recycled knitted fabric – anti bacterial moisture-conducting

img 6717(20210822 183829)
img 6717(20210822 183829)

These inner crotch fabrics are non-pilling, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, 50 times washable and still have anti bacterial function, adding a single moisture-conducting function process, rapid penetration of water showing honeycomb, dry on one side, moisture absorption on the other side, support custom patterns, recycled materials, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Adopted these natural plant fiber materials. And in the production and processing of engineering, will also be mixed with a certain percentage of modal cotton or nylon, polyester, etc., and does not contain any stimulating ingredients.

In short, the panties will be produced and processed with a certain amount of natural plant fiber material, so it will ensure the comfort and breathability of the fabric.

Do I need to buy anti bacterialunderwear?

We wear underwear mainly because of these three points, cover up, reduce friction, and prevent microbial infection.

Then someone will certainly ask, I sweat a lot often smothered somewhere, can not consider buying anti-bacterial emf underwear to wear?

This depends on personal preference. If you are the kind of person who likes to contract various gynecological infections or needs to prevent infections from occurring, we recommend wearing these emf underwear, after all, the naturalness of these panties is better than ordinary panties.

What we need to do on a daily basis is to change our emf underwear regularly, 1-2 times a day, and just clean our private parts when we take a shower. (Water is fine, don’t buy messy products, if you have special needs, use drugs under the guidance of a doctor).

Finally, it is best to wash the changed emf underwear in time, do not hoard a bunch before dealing with them, hoarding is what may bring germs.

To sum up

A good EMF underwear is a good panty if it suits you and is comfortable and breathable. Of course, personal preferences are different and there must be some differences. Here it is recommended that

● You can choose cotton material for everyday use, which is more comfortable.

The actual weather is hot, you can choose modal material, breathable and sweat-wicking, comfortable and dry.

When exercising, you can choose professional sports underwear to raise the position of the trouser opening and protect the inner thighs from injury.

You can choose special emf underwear during pregnancy to give your abdomen better support and warmth.

The fabric of the boxer briefs will change after washing and will become loose over time, so it is time to change the underwear (to determine whether the boxer briefs should be changed is not based on time, but on whether it is discolored or deformed).

TIPS:we suggest to wash them by hand,no machine washable,Wash with neutral detergent,and a lifetime warranty.

and our company also provide many other emf protection clothing,please visit our website to find more information.










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