How to wash period underwear?


Recently, I was really refreshed by the fact that the world has such a thing as period underwear, and many women are going to buy it!

It is highly recommended for women who have irregular periods and are allergic to sanitary napkins! wear period underwear has many good benefits for them!

How many pairs of period undies in your closet?

The period undies are divided into night and day organic cotton period underwear, which can be changed within six to eight hours for cleaning, and each person’s menstrual volume is different at different times, so wearing the period undies super-fit will not result in side leakage.

The outer layer of dryness, the second layer of efficient absorption layer, the third layer of breathable layer, the period underwear design can do anti-absorption, when the menstruation infiltration to the third layer at the same time the second layer will begin to absorb efficiently, To avoid embarrassment, the first layer is dry, the second layer is absorbent, the third layer is highly absorbent, the fourth layer is breathable, and the night version can absorb a lot of menstruation while not side leakage.


washing period underwear is also very convenient,It must be hand washing separately from other clothes. first, gently rub the unclean things with water runs clear, then put in mesh bag for an hour, and it’s gonna be clean!

Here’s how to do do hand wash period underwear:


1.washing period underwear with edible baking soda.


It’s easy to soak your period panties in cool water and then put edible soda ash in the place where there is blood, my mother taught me to paste it on top, but I found out after a few minutes that there was period blood stains, so I put the soda ash in the place where there is blood and soak in the water (the place where there is blood should be soaked in soda ash water) water don’t have to add too much, you can let the place where there is blood soak in it, soak a 5-10 minutes or so, if you see there is still has blood you can soak a few more minutes,Then take it out and you will find that the blood has completely disappeared. I would wash my underwear again with soap.


2 .with salt cleaning panties.


1. Mix salt and a little cold water to make a scrub. The exact amount of salt depends on the size and severity of the blood stain. You may want to start with 75 grams, add about 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of cold water, or just enough to make a clump of salt, and mix them well. Salt will not cause discoloration of period underwear, so it is suitable for dark or light colored fabrics underwear.

Salt scrubs are most effective against fresh blood stains and may also be helpful in removing clotted blood stains.

You can either pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix, or pour the salt directly onto the period panties inside and add water.

Recommend washing tip:If you have contact lenses, you can instead use a salt solution for contact lens care. It removes blood just as well as salt scrubs. You can use it to remove blood stains when you are outside and have contact lens care salt solution on hand.


2. Cover the blood stain with salt scrub. Apply a generous amount of salt scrub to the blood stain on your period underwear. The salt will draw out the blood inside the fabric, try to get it to cover the entire blood stain.

If the blood has clotted, let the salt sit on the fabric for about 5 minutes. Then gently scrub.

3. clean period underwear with a rag, an old toothbrush or your fingers. After the blood is thoroughly covered with salt, rub the salt into the blood stains to break them down. Try to cover the blood stain with salt scrub from one. Apply a generous amount of salt scrub to the blood stains on your underwear. The salt will draw out the blood inside the fabric, try to get it to cover the entire blood stain. then throw your dry period underwear to dryer.

If the blood has clotted, let the salt sit on the fabric for about 5 minutes before wiping.

For example, you can rub from top to bottom, from left to right, or from the periphery to the center of the blood stain.

4.When you’re done, rinse away the salt with cold water. Remove as much blood as possible, then grab the period pants and turn on the cold water tap to quick rinse. Wipe off the salt left in your underwear with your fingers and check to see if the blood is gone. Hot water will cause the residual blood to penetrate deeper into the fabric and become more difficult or completely impossible to clean off.

Once the blood is gone, hang the period panties up to hang dry or put them in the tumble dry
. If there are still blood stains, try to wash your period underwear using hand soap!











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