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EMF underwear

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why we say radiation influence our lives?

A lot of men for the sake of convenience, often put the phone into the pants pocket, do you have the habit of putting the phone into the pants pocket?  Do you know what cell phone radiation does to our reproductive organs?  The spermatozoon rate of the man is decreased obviously, female produces spontaneous abortion and foetus deformity.  

Get rid of this habit today! If you can’t change it, please change into our radiation-proof underwear.  

Radiation-proof underwear can protect your reproductive organs from radiation harm.

Why We Should Wear Emf Underwear?

Silver fiber underpants is a kind of new technology cloth which made of pure cotton fabric with silver fiber .  The silver fiber blended cotton material invented by our company is divided into two kinds, one is composite tencel cotton silver fiber knitted fabric, the other is 100% cotton blended silver fiber fabric.  The fabric is made of fine silver fiber blended with cotton. Furthermore The silver fiber is more delicate and soft than silk.  The shielding effect of this fabric can reached to 99.9% (above 40dB) after testing by the testing center. At the same time, it retains the softness, uniformity, air permeability, washable, compact and firm, long service life and other characteristics of ordinary fabric. Large quantities can be printed according to the color requirements of customers . These two kinds of fabrics can be used as hoodies, t-shirts and other daily radiation-proof clothings, can also customize as a radiation-proof underwear.  

Wrapping this cloth can weaken cell phone signal.  Electromagnetic radiation can cause incalculable damage to the body’s nervous, immune, circulatory, and reproductive systems.  This cloth in the range of 10MHZ~16GHZ can be electromagnetic radiation reflection absorption more than 99.9%, can effectively shield computers, home appliances, transmitting station and other electromagnetic radiation.  

Combined with radiation-resistant fabric, it provides double protection to your vital areas.

The anti-bacterial crotch fabric choice

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100% Silver fabric croth fabric

In addition to protecting against radiation, it is good for absorbing bacteria produced by the human body

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Graphene antibacterial fabric

Biomass graphene cloth has long-lasting antibacterial characteristics, especially inhibiting bacteria and allergens, effectively preventing the breeding of mites. The antibacterial characteristics do not decay after repeated washing


Isatis root moisture absorbent crotch fabric

In the textile process of isatidis fiber, the extract of isatidis root is evenly distributed in the fiber by a unique process, which has long function and good washing resistance.


Silk protein breathable crotch fabric

Raw materials extracted from silkworm pupae, with natural antibacterial effect and protein required by human body, not easy to pimp, soft to touch and comfortable to wear.


Artemisia argyi fiber antibacterial crotch fabric

Extract the original essence from the natural wormwood plant, the fabric contains light fragrance, which can make people refreshed, eliminate bacteria and drive mosquitoes.

Say Goodbye to Radiation From Today

Protect Your







Safe & Effective Technology

The benefits of wearing radiation-proof underwear

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Anti-Radiation Underwear Test Video

A. Measurement of electrical conductivity: with A multimeter detected to have good electrical conductivity, ordinary fabric is not conductive;
B. With fire shielding cloth: blended cloth will leave a layer of shielding screen; The nanoion cloth is left with a pile of metal powder.
C.The cloth or the cloth made of the finished product in the radiation source fabric, the handheld electromagnetic radiation tester: when the radiation value began to rise, with the radiation cloth blocked, radiation value gradually decreased to 0, indicating that the radiation has been shielded.

Kind Word From Our Smooth Clients

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What a surprise! It feels like you're wearing nothing at all. It's so easy! I am about to order more samples of radiation protected underwear and I think in the future, this will be a good business! I'm very optimistic about this business.

Jordan D.

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I used to have a habit of putting my phone in my pants pocket. My girlfriend kindly reminded me that 5G radiation is a harmful substance that could affect the quality of my sperm because we are going to have a baby. Now THAT I'm wearing radiation protection underwear, I don't have to worry about my phone radiation any more!

Andrea E.

The underwear is made of 50% cotton and 50% pure silver fiber. The silver side will be close to the skin, and when it senses a radiation source, it will absorb and release it. The radiation protection index of this one is 50dB in the range of 5G.  

1.Radiation protection  

2.Antibacterial, especially for women who often like to be infected, should wear this kind of healthy antibacterial underwear.  

3. Protect reproductive organs.  

Yes, as long as you provide us with the style and logo, or any other requirements, we can make your sample for you.

For blue, black or white, our MOQ is 200 pieces, for other colors, our MOQ is 1000 pieces.

Yes, as long as you provide packaging requirements, we can make suggestions according to your needs, only until you are satisfied

We have experienced and skilled labors and QC team,from sample stage to production line as well as packing and shipping. We strictly ensure the color fastness for bulk fabric, lining & all accessories should ready ISO 4 grade and max Shrinkage is 5% for knitted fabrics which is the strictest requirement for garments business.This strict quality rule has ensured us to succeed in garment business for more than 15 years’ time. 

The price depend on the material ,the quantity,the design and the logo . You can tell us more details that we can quote you with the price. But we ensure that we can give you a best price.

Yes, we have 10 years experience in making underwear. We can make any style you want as long as you provide the style and requirements.


Anti-Radiation Underwear

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