Teach you a few ways to discern the point of excellent and inferior silver fiber

With the development of science and technology, people care more about health now. More and more resources are being made full use of, silver being one of them.
The silver metal processed, turn solid silver into silver fiber,which is then spun into various types of silver fiber cloth.
Today, silver fiber can be made of all kinds of clothing, like underwear, home textile, medical surgery clothing, sports, military equipment, and other fields,
It used to be something people snapped up. So, what is the role of silver fiber? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the silver fiber?
1.the role of silver fiber.

1. The radiation protection


Silver is a material that conducts electricity better than any other metal, and the better the metal conducts electricity, the better it protects against radiation, s
So it can used in a radiation environment, especially as now 5 g towers and the popularity of various large electrical appliances, in daily life, silver fiber can currently field block, play the role of radiation protection, this is the cause of radiation protection suits the silver fiber.
2. The deodorization

Besides radiation function silver also has the deodorant antibacterial function, this function we tested has got the affirmative answer. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, people have a strong awareness of disinfection and antibacterial, and because silver fiber contains silver ions. Clothes made with silver fiber can decompose and absorb sweat and common bacteria, and improve the comfort of human wearing.

Second, the key points to identify silver fiber?

1. Hand Feeling

The high-quality silver fiber will touch light, soft, can contact the skin, because it is a special process with pure silver, so it feels smooth. But the fake silver fiber, which feels like a sheet of plastic, like copper or nickel-plated, less ductile and softer, and can not touch the skin.
2. antibiosis

Clothes made of high-quality silver fiber will not smell sweaty even if they are not washed for a week, because pure silver can inhibit bacteria and control the generation of peculiar smell. Clothes made of fake silver fibers have little or no resistance to odor.

3. Washable degree

High-quality silver fiber through strict washing test, to ensure the number of washing, ensure its service life; Inferior silver fiber, through the silver ions attached to the material, so, the number of silver ions and durability is low, often after washing more than ten times, the bacteriostatic or fresh effect reduced


High-quality silver fiber, because made of unique methods and complex processes,the cost price higher than similar products and is praised as light luxury goods. But inferior or fake silver fiber, production technology is not standard, usually use chemical agents, so cost is not high, and the market price is lower.

And our company adopts vacuum magnetron sputtering silver plating technology, antioxidant, perspiration, resistance to salt water, with the conductivity of silver wire, silver fiber is the nylon strand surface with silver-wrapped up into a permanent layer of silver fiber, both to keep the function of nylon strand and conductive, antibacterial, odor-proof, adjust the function of temperature. According to the report of scientific and technological data: the sterilization mechanism of silver is to block the physiological process of bacteria, silver ion has very high biological activity, destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, cause protein coagulation, thereby blocking the respiration of bacterial cells and the reproductive process. The warmer and wetter the environment, the more reactive the silver ion is, so the silver fiber is very suitable for clothing applications. Already, products with silver fibers are made by prominent clothing and medical manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Puma, and Spyder.

Physical indicators of silver fiber:

1. BestofShield silver fiber layer for the solid layer of pure silver, core layer for high strength nylon.

2. Silver content: 18±2%

3. Average resistivity <5Ω/cm

4. Usage: good spinnability and strength, can be used alone, can also be mixed with other fibers or use.

This shows, to silver fiber, can prevent radiation the answer is affirmative. Silver fiber not only has a good role in radiation protection but also is a very good product for the production of radiation protection clothing. The action of silver in the fiber fabric can give full play to the various effects of metal silver, but also play a role in health care, to meet the various needs of consumers wearing clothing.

100% silver fabric

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