New Microwave Shielding Material — Nickel&Copper Metallic Conductive fabric

conductive fabric
conductive fabric

With the development of the high-tech electronic industry, a wide variety of commercial and household electronic products have increased dramatically.Inevitably, these products use a large number of integrated circuits and other components, and every day from these electronic parts send out high-frequency pulses to form electromagnetic waves of countless pollution.Therefore, the shielding of microwave radiation has aroused the attention of medical, biological, labor protection, environmental protection and electronic science and technology personnel at home and abroad.emi shielding properties

In order to solve the problem caused by electromagnetic radiation, we invented electromagnetic shielding materials which has good shielding performance to shield these harmful radio frequencies.

1.What material is electrical conductivity cloth made of?

Our conductive fabrics is pretreated with electroplated metal coating to make it have metal properties and become high electrical conductivity fabric.Using polyester fiber cloth as the base material, electroplating metallic nickel layer first, and then plating copper layer with high conductivity on the nickel, and electroplating nickel metal with anti-oxidation machine and anti-corrosion on the copper layer.

Three layers of copper and nickel combine to provide excellent electrical conductivity and good emi shielding properties in the range of 100K to 3GHz.It can be divided into: nickel-plated conductive cloth, gold-plated conductive cloth, carbon-plated conductive fabrics, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth.Appearance has plain grain and grid distinction.

2. What are the electrical conductivity?

Many people do not understand the principle of electromagnetic shielding, that metal grounding can play the role of shielding performance .

In fact, there are only two factors that affect the shielding performance of a shield:

The first is that the entire surface of the shield must be continuously conductive, and the second is that conductors cannot directly penetrate the shield.

1. The conductive cloth conductive performance is good, good shielding effectiveness, the surface resistance value for (surface to hold) : 0.05 Ω / inch or less (100 g).

2. EMI effectiveness: 60dB ^ 80dB /30MHz^1GHz

3. Conductive cloth is rich in non-flammable materials.

3. Good secondary processing performance, such as surface coating and bonding.

4 conductive cloth has a very flexible, easy to process, stamping, coating and so on.

5. Operating temperature: -10 ℃-170 ℃

6. It can touch skin and is non-toxic to human.

3.What are the applications of electrical conductivity?


1. Anti-Static


Conductive cloth can eliminate the cloths caused by static electricity, winding, not easy to be contaminated with dust, dirty and easy to clean.Polyester fibers are prone to static electricity. Adding conductive fibers will make the fabric conductive. The conductive fibers will release static electricity from the human body through the conductive wires, so there will be no static electricity generated.

In some special industries and application scenarios, it is necessary to prevent the generation of static electricity. For example, the petrochemical industry will cause combustion, explosion and other dangers due to static electricity. Using conductive cloth to make isolation pieces or protective clothing, protective gloves and so on can solve this problem very well.

2. electrical conductivity cloth lining has good electromagnetic interference shielding.


In the electronic, instrument and other industries, the use of conductive cloth can prevent electronic components from functional disorders.It is suitable for professional shielding overalls, special shielding cloth for shielding room and special shielding cloth for shielding parts in IT has good conductivity and shielding performance,so It is widely used in electromagnetic shielding position of various electronic products such as PDA handheld computer, PDP plasma display screen, LCD display screen, notebook computer, copier and so on.

The popular touch screen gloves, shielding curtains and conductive cloth gaskets have good emi shielding applications effect of electromagnetic waves.Can be processed according to customer requirements of different shapes and sizes, widely used in a variety of electronic products EMEMC prevention.And so on.

4.Introduction of our type of conductive fabric.


1. According to the product pattern, it can be divided into plain, ripstop, diamond plaid, anti-oxidation single-side black anti-oxidation double-side black, purple, red, rose, blue, green, yellow, brown and so on.

The Type Of Conductive Fabric1
The Type Of Conductive Fabric1

The Type Of Conductive Fabric1[/caption]

2. According to the thick of the product, it can be divided into thin layer 0.05mm to thicker layers 0.08mm conventional thickness, 0.09mm, or extra thick 0.1mm.

3. Various shielding materials conductive cloth, copper and nickel mesh yarn, conductive cloth tape, etc.

5.Finished product display.

The Usage Of Conductive Fabric
The Usage Of Conductive Fabric

The Usage Of better shielding performance[/caption]

When we use radiaiton electronic devices to test the blocking effect,the result shows “ZERO”.please see our video test result.

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