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Why does radiation affect our lives all the time?

With the launch of 5G, People will face a brand new 5G era. With the development of high technology, it brings convenience to people, but also brings some negative effects. 5G has become ubiquitous, which means that every 200 meters in people’s homes, you will see a base station, which is known to produce certain radiation, which will cause the following harm to human health.

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What harm does radiation bring to the human body?


Affects the circulatory system

Radiation pollution will affect the circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic functions of the human body, and seriously induce cancer, and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.


Affects the human reproductive system

The main performance of male sperm quality is reduced, pregnant women will occur spontaneous abortion, fetal deformity.


Affects the cardiovascular system

The main manifestations are palpitations, insomnia, menstrual disturbances in some women, bradycardia, decreased cardiac output, decreased white blood cells, and decreased immune function.


Affects the body's visual system

The main performance is vision loss, easy to cause cataracts and so on.

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EMF Protection Clothes Categeries

All Can Custom Your Own Label

Custom EMF Hats

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Bucket Hat


Beanie Hat

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Army Hat


Fleece Hat

Custom Clothings

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Custom EMF Fase Mask And rfid Cellphone pouches


Skiing Hat


RFID Cellphone wallet


RFID Car Key Pouches

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EMF Fask Mask

RFID Blocking Fabric


RFID Blocking Fabricc

single side black

RFID Blocking Fabric


100% Silver Fabric


100% Silver MESH Fabric

What's the benifit the Anti-radiaiton clothing can bring you?

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The shield effecitve of all these products is 65db at 10mhz-3ghz.that means the blocking frequacy can reach to 99.999%


silver fiber on the clothes can quickly eliminate the friction of static electricity because the silver fiber can conduct the static electricity out.

3. Powerful deodorizer

Bacteria can make people stink, and the silver ions in the silver fibers can quickly reduce or eliminate the stench.

4. Strong antibacterial.

It can adsorb some harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Gonococcus, chlamydia trachomatis and other dozens of pathogenic microorganisms have a strong inhibition and killing effect, and will not develop drug resistance.

5. Heat insulation

Silver fiber can quickly dissipate the temperature of the skin, to lower the body temperature, making people feel cool

5. health care

It Can promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue, can achieve the role of medical care.

It is suitable for people who work or live in the area with high electromagnetic.

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