OEM&ODM anti-5G radiation EMF baseball cap

The 5G era has arrived. Are you still exposed to the world full of electromagnetic radiation without any protection? 

Now Innovative radiation protection dyeing and finishing technology brings a revolution in radiation protection. The radiation protection textiles will provide you excellent protection solutions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 117 × 10 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Darker Blue, Grey, Pink, red, Rice white, rose, white, yellow

Shielding Effectiveness


Details about OEM&ODM anti-5G radiation EMF baseball cap

Silver Fabric Lined 5G Radiation Shielding Baseball Hat EMI RFID Proof Anti EMF Cap

The world is full of various electromagnetic waves, and the radiation they bring is harming our bodies invisible. The anti

radiation baseball cap that came into being has perfectly combined the advantages of ordinary hats and radiation protection technology. In addition to having a good appearance and comfort, it also provides good protection performance, allowing you to get perfect protection whenever and wherever.

The shielding frequency of the material used inside the cap can reach 20GHz, shileding attenuation is over 60dB. When wrapped the cell phone completely, it can not connect the signal and be called successfully.
Model Anti Radiation Baseball Caps
Material 100% twill cotton with 100% Silver fiber lining
PANEL 6 Panel Or 5 Panel
COLORS Multi-Colors For Options
BACK ClOSURE Nylon Fastener Tape, Metal Buckle, Plastic Buckle, Leather Strap Buckle, Elastic Band, More For Option.
MOQ 100pcs
SAMPLE LEAD TIME 5-7 Business Days



The Anti Radiation EMF Protection Cap and Hat should pay attention to maintenance and storage. After taking off the hat, don’t put it randomly, you should hang it on the coat rack or the hook, and don’t press heavy objects on it to avoid deformation. If the hat is worn for a long time, grease stains will get on the inside and outside of the hat.
1. If there are decorations on the cap, they should be removed first.
2. To clean the hat, first soak it in clean water with neutral detergent.
3. Gently scrub with a soft brush.
4. Brush the inner band of the sweat band (the part in contact with the head ring) several times to thoroughly clean dirt and bacteria.
5. Fold the hat into four petals and gently shake off the water. Do not use the washing machine for dehydration.
6. Spread the hat, put a towel inside, dry it in the shade, and avoid hanging to dry.




Q: How can i custom the anti radiation EMF protection hats with my logo?

A: You could provide us the logo design and choose the location and different style, we shall do the test job for you.
Q: How does the Anti radiation Hats work?
A: The hat contains environmentally friendly shielding materials. In addition to effectively shielding the electromagnetic radiation encountered in daily life, it also has the functions of softness and antibacterial.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: There is no MOQ for stock items, if you need to Custom the anti radiation EMF shielding hats, the MOQ would be 100 units usually, at least 50 pcs per color.
Q: Can i get a sample to check the quality?
A: Sure you can, you may contact us freely for more details.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: That depends on the quantity, usually within 3 working days for stock items, 15-20 working days for custom types.

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