How often should you change your underwear?

We often hear people around us tell us how often we should change our underwear.

It has been reported that underwear is actually the home of various excreta or parasitic germs in our body.

“1g of feces contains 10,000,000 viruses, 1,000,000 bacteria and 1,000 parasitic shells and 100 worm eggs.”

And do you know how many are on your underwear?

Microbiologists say a pair of hidden underpants contains an average of 0.1 g of fecal matter, with most containing 10 g, in addition to excreted intestinal epithelial cells and gut microorganisms.

Underwear, hand wash or machine wash?

Almost every household has a washing machines, because it’s extra convenient to wash your clothes and throw them in the machine without having to worry about them. But is it really good to wash your underwear often in the washing machine?

Of course not, because underwear and other clothing washed together can easily cause underwear to get dirty. In addition, most families rarely clean the inside of the washing machine, so such a washing machine will inevitably provide an environment for the growth of mold, all the organisms will collected that your own underwear will be thrown into the laundry basket, which is inevitably contaminated with mold.


So how dirty your dirty underwear is should be on your mind.

So if you want to wash your underwear in the washing machines, remember to clean the washing machine regularly, you can also use a disinfectant.

Do you wash underwear with soap, detergent or underwear detergent?

What worries people when washing their underwear is what to wash them with, soap, body wash or underwear detergent?

First, using soap and detergent to wash underwear is not a thorough cleaning of underwear. It is generally not recommended to use soap or detergent to wash underwear, firstly, because soap and detergent are alkaline and can easily cause skin irritation if the underwear is washed by hand; secondly, because not clean residues of chemicals remain on the underwear and irritate the skin; thirdly, because alkaline substances also damage the color and fibers of underwear, making the underwear easily yellow and old.

Underwear laundry detergent is a detergent specially designed for cleaning underwear, with stain removal, sterilization, antibacterial effect, in addition to various products that have other effects, such as hands do not hurt, PH value close to neutral, non-irritating, etc.

The active ingredients of laundry detergents are mainly non-ionic surfactants, which separate stains and textiles by rubbing by hand or in the washing machine. Therefore, underwear detergent can clean underwear better and is better than soap detergent.

How often should I change my underwear? Can I leave them overnight?

There are many people who have worn out their underwear or have yellow stains, but they cannot throw them away. The longer you wear your same underwear, the more bacteria will remain in it. Even if it is expensive, you need to replace new underwear after six months. Also, it is best to change your underwear every day and wash them on time. Do not stay overnight, because underpants worn overnight easily breed a lot of bacteria, which not only cause vaginal irritation, but also cause yeast infection.

Generally speaking,You should change underwear daily, otherwise there is a risk of infection, there is odor and even repeated infection with vaginitis or mycoplasma, and cotton underwear to wear, do not wear tight pants and chemical fiber underwear, pay attention to personal hygiene,and wash the vulva every day.

NO2. lazy to wash, with disposable underwear okay?

For lazy people, it’s really easy to wear disposable underwear. You don’t have to wash them yourself, and then throw them away.  However, it should be noted that most disposable underwear are made of non-woven fabric, which is simply a synthetic chemical fiber.  This kind of disposable underwear is often poor in air permeability, and close to the skin, often wear it is easy to skin discomfort, and even induce skin problems.  So usually wear less disposable underwear for the better.

Woman has yellow secretions on her panties, is this normal?

It is normal to find yellow secretions on women’s panties because if women do not wipe their private parts in time after urinating, urine residue can easily remain on the panties, making them appear yellow,it will cause harmful bacteria with long time. If you notice increased leucorrhea and yellow secretions in your panties, be aware that it is probably related to gynecological inflammation such as bacterial vaginosis, urethritis,yeast infections, etc.

How to choose a good pair of underwear?

Choosing a good pair of panties is really a concern. When choosing underpants, make sure that you do not choose tight and small underpants to accentuate your curves, otherwise the skin will be injured by friction and even certain amount eczema, urethritis, etc. Also, when choosing panties, try to choose light-coloured cotton panties. This is because such briefs provide you with a comfortable feeling and avoid skin diseases and bacteria caused by lack of breathability.

Our company has developed a kind of underwear made of silver fibres, which can absorb bacteria well and prevent their growth. Research has shown that after wearing this kind of underwear, the number of bacteria is reduced by 30%.


Underwear is all about men’s health, so most people can not ignore these 3 things about underwear.’s underwear should be changed once a day.

Underwear health is very important for male genital health, so one person must be changed once a day.

It is best to change a clean pair of underwear every night right after showering, and it is most reasonable to wear underwear for so long in a day.

2.The life span of underwear is about 3 months

A pair of underwear is worn for about 3 months to replace the new one, so you can effectively avoid bacteria and viruses and other hidden problems, so the underwear is not bad, which does not mean that you can continue to wear them.

The reason is that bacteria and viruses will multiply in men’s underwear if they wear them for a long time. Even if they change their underwear more than one day, there will still be bacteria in the underwear, so wearing underwear for a long time will affect men’s reproductive health.

In addition, men should also pay attention to the following when wearing underwear:

1. choose the right size.

The market is divided into triangular and flat underpants for men, it is recommended that men choose boxers, do not wear too tight men’s underpants, choose suitable for their own boxers, wear a loose and comfortable is the best.

2. use a separate sink

Underwear is one of the intimate garments, so it can not be mixed with other clothes when cleaning.

It is best to choose a fixed sink, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of bacteria.

3.Underwear in the sun

It is best to put them in the sun, because ultraviolet light can play a sterilising role to prevent the growth of bacteria in underwear.


There is nothing that deserves the word “forever”. After reading this article, please Get rid of your underwear that hasn’t been replaced in more than three months










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