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The Bestofshield Company offers custom-made all kinds of caps, including baseball caps, radiation-proof caps, truckers caps, military caps, buckets hats, children’s hats, sun protection caps, beanie hats, Snapback hat, and so on. Only if you have a plan, we can customize your own cap for you.

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10 Years Of Experience on customize hats

When people start a company or a brand, they want something to represent the company, whether it’s a clothes or it’s a hat,which can stands for a group products.

And we can now help you to provide such a solution, whatever its a hat or clothing, we are committed to your company or brand customized products belonging to your own logo.

Hat is a very old and classic item, but people need it, both in beauty and shape can fit the corporate image. And when everyone in a company wears the same hat, people think you’re in a great company.

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How should I as a customer go about customizing my hat?

Firstly,decide which season and scene you want to use. If it is summer, you can choose to customize the hat with mesh, so as not to lose too much sweat and feel stuffy.

Then decide the scenario you want to use, is used for corporate brand publicity, team building, or fashion design brand, different use scenarios we will put forward different customized plans and provide the most appropriate price according to the most suitable for you.

Finally, please provide the logo to be designed and made, whether it is printed or embroidered, and the place of the logo you want to put. We will provide you with the most economical plan according to your needs.

What We Offer For Hats Type?

baseball caps, radiation-proof caps, truckers caps, military caps, buckets hats, children's hats, sun protection caps, beanie hats, Snapback hat


Baseball Cap


Flat-Brim Hat

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Bucket Hat


Anti-UV Hat


Children Hat

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Military Hat


Mesh Hat


Beret Hat


Slouchy Hat


Beanie Hat

How to cooperate with us to customize your hats? 

Leave this matter to us. With more than 10 years of experience in hat customization, we can cooperate with you very well. You only need to put forward your ideas and leave the rest to us.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Select hat type
  • Provide customized content
  • Design draft
  • Confirm and make payment by sample order
  • Confirm the final plan
  • Processing and production of large batch
  • wait for delivery 
  • Confirm the products

The Usage Scenarios Of Hats


Play Baseball




Group activities







Why Choose US?

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Good fabric

Our fabrics are durable, comfortable and breathable


Factory Price

Wholesale price, direct manufacturer price without middleman price

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Research and development function

Engaged in the development of hats, such as radiation caps



Inquiry will be timely reply within 24 hours, design, proofing, order, production full service


Fast Production

20 skilled workers, more than 10 production lines



Prompt delivery. The goods will be delivered 7 days after quick proofing.


What People Are Saying

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"Nice hats,they really do a great job!,i hope i can sell more,and buy them again from Bestofshield.."
Philip Watson
"My team need something to represent our company, we thought custom caps can standards for a spirits,so i order some from them,awesome!!"
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Emma Roberts
Nice caps,i like them!
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Olivia Spencer

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “Anna@bestofshield.com”

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