11 Tips on How to Start a Successful Loungewear or Clothing Line?

Who says you can’t make a killing on the internet? If your idea is fiery and fresh, there’s no telling what could happen. But before we get started with tips for success in launching an online clothing or loungewear line (something new!), let me tell how I made my entrepreneurial debut- by starting up online stores! Nowadays people are shopping from home more than ever; they’re also looking to save time when it comes down choosing which products will best suit them… so why not take advantage of that trend?! Here we prepared 11 tips for you! 1.Building a Clothing Brand With No Experience One of the great things about starting a successful fashion brand is that you don’t need to have any previous experience in the retail clothing business before venturing out on their own. Yes, having experience and expertise in the fashion industry gives an advantage. However, you should be comforted by the fact that so many of these clothing and sleepwear startups have started out with nothing but the determination to see their visions come to life. Most of what you need to learn about starting a loungewear ecommerce business online can be learned from reading articles and watching videos. Here are 10 tips for turning your loungewear and clothing line ideas into a viable business. 1. Come up with a unique concept. On the checklist for starting a clothing line, knowing what your brand is and the direction you want it to go is always first. While

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The difference between tencel, ice silk, modal and real silk

1. Composition and manufacturing process differences. Silk is a natural material, generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, the main component is protein. Ice silk, tencel, modal fabric are all new chemical fibers, the differences are as follows: The first generation of wood-pulp fibers –ordinary viscose fiber (one of them, called “Viscose” because it feels cold to the touch and is cool to wear); The second generation of wood pulp fiber Modal (the previous notes have been introduced) Third generation wood pulp fibre -Lyocell (Tencel is one of the most famous, transliterated from Tencel). To put it simply, after the upgrade of ice silk technology, there was Modal, and after the upgrade of Modal technology, there was tencel. 2. Price difference of the same yarn count density. Silk is more expensive than tencel, tencel more expensive than modal, modal more expensive than ice silk. 3. Comparison of functions and uses. Silk: soft, smooth and light, with pearly luster, wear It has certain health care properties by absorbing wet gas and relieving itching. Disadvantage is delicate and difficult to take care of, catharsis and protect more bother to care for, real silk product is the best. Dry clean or wash gently by hand in cold water. A high-end shirt or pair of shirts often used in summer. Bed sheets, pajamas, dresses, etc. Ice silk: the moisture content of the most consistent with the physiological needs of human skin chemical fiber, Cool, breathable nature, drooping style, pliancy, non-fading, anti-static, especially

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what are beanie hats made of? 

While there are plenty of novelty lei Feng hats, berets, baseball cap, and big fuzzy hats in the fall and winter, many people are still prefer wool hats and beanie hat, which can be beautifully knitted and woven winter headgear. They have developed from outdoor workers to prevent grease and dirt to men, women and children like headwear. Adults and children from different backgrounds and cultures like to wear beanies . They can provide all the warmth you need on cold winter days, and they can also be used as a fashion item. The good thing about beanie hats is that they can be worn with almost any type of clothing. Most small beanie hats are made of elastic yarn or elastic material. When the cold weather is coming, you use it to protect your head. Most of these propeller beanie are perfect for all seasons, look amazing and fit easily into a bag or even your back pocket. Although hats can never be folded and stored in your wallet. If you wear your hat perfectly, it can be the perfect complement to your extraordinary outdoor outfit. It’s easy to find the right type of cap, and enjoy every feeling it evokes. Skull Caps, ski hats, knit Caps, stocking Caps, toques, and Berets all fall into the category of beanie hats. They are all different names for different types of hats, with different designs, places of origin, fits, materials, etc. A good woolen hat and knitted hat must have a

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How to wash period underwear?

Recently, I was really refreshed by the fact that the world has such a thing as period underwear, and many women are going to buy it! It is highly recommended for women who have irregular periods and are allergic to sanitary napkins! wear period underwear has many good benefits for them! How many pairs of period undies in your closet? The period undies are divided into night and day organic cotton period underwear, which can be changed within six to eight hours for cleaning, and each person’s menstrual volume is different at different times, so wearing the period undies super-fit will not result in side leakage. The outer layer of dryness, the second layer of efficient absorption layer, the third layer of breathable layer, the period underwear design can do anti-absorption, when the menstruation infiltration to the third layer at the same time the second layer will begin to absorb efficiently, To avoid embarrassment, the first layer is dry, the second layer is absorbent, the third layer is highly absorbent, the fourth layer is breathable, and the night version can absorb a lot of menstruation while not side leakage.   washing period underwear is also very convenient,It must be hand washing separately from other clothes. first, gently rub the unclean things with water runs clear, then put in mesh bag for an hour, and it’s gonna be clean! Here’s how to do do hand wash period underwear: 1.washing period underwear with edible baking soda.   It’s easy to soak your

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Why we need to wear EMF protection Underwear?

Radiation blocking Underwear – What they are and why to wear? In the 21st century, many people not only have social anxiety, work anxiety, hair loss anxiety … especially under the influence of the epidemic, the demand for health is also increasing, gradually evolving into health anxiety. So, when “anti-bacterial” products appear, they perfectly match the anxiety of modern adults’ desire for a healthy life, so they remain popular, and there is nothing wrong with that. The truth is that humans are evolving, and antibacterial underwear is improving as well. As a daily necessity in people’s lives, it has progressed from being good-looking, comfortable, and sexy, to triangle, quadrangle, cotton, modal, thong, C-string, and finally disposable, self-heating, activated charcoal, anti-bacterial, and many other functional underwear, and most people may believe there is nothing wrong with it. All anti-bacterial emf underwear on the market today can be classified into three types:one is the addition of antibacterial drugs panties, the second is the addition of antibacterial metal elements panties, three is the physical antibacterial panties. 2, the first two types of panties fabric added drugs or metal elements, long-term wear easy allergies or other side effects, please use caution. Although businesses are advertised as having no side effects, there is no testing by authoritative agencies, and there is more false propaganda. 3, the third is the use of bamboo natural anti bacterial properties to achieve anti bacterial effect, bamboo is currently found to have a clear physical anti bacterial effect of the

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Which fabric can prevent radiation harm?

What are EMFs? What is EMF radiation?   EMF stands for electromagnetic field and is radiation that comes from technology like cell phones, laptops, and even the microwave in your kitchen. It’s estimated that over 90% of Americans are exposed to EMF radiation on a daily basis.2. Does EMF pollution harm wildlife?Research suggests EMF pollution might be related to declines in wildlife. Exposure to EMFs has been linked to crustacean shell thinning, lower diversity of animal plankton, disruption to female mate choices, shorter lifespan in animals and higher rates of mortality in wildlife, including birds and tadpoles. When crustaceans lose their shells, they can sometimes pass waste materials to nearby organisms. Do EMFs make you sick?You may be more at risk if you live near a cellphone tower than if you live in a rural area where there aren’t any cell towers, according to a joint research study between researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Rush University. Researchers looked at five European countries that had cell tower EMF levels in 2000 that were 30–400 times greater than the federal cancer standard (the recommended annual limit is 100 milligrams of radiofrequency radiation per kilogram of body weight) for healthy adults. What can I do about EMF pollution?There are a few ways to play around with the levels in your home. Try opening a window to air it out and/or experiment with different window treatments like blackout curtains. You can also try signing up for a 6–24-hour

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Is black bra harmful?

1. Research has shown that black bras may increase your risk for breast cancer. Wearing a bra 24/7 may actually be harmful for your breasts. A study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that women who wore their bras more than 12 hours a day had a 75% increased risk of breast cancer compared to those who wore them less than 12 hours a day.The research team analyzed the daily habits of 10,259 women who were enrolled in the Avon Breast Cancer Prevention Study between 1990 and 1994 and followed up with them between 2004 and 2008. They discovered that women who wore their bras more than eight hours a day, nearly every day, were twice as likely to develop breast cancer compared to those who wore their bras for under eight hours. Additionally, women wearing their bras for more than eight hours a day had a six-times increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The top reason for wearing your bras for so long was because they looked pretty. The other requested reasons were comfort, franchise sizes, or because it was the only fashion item they had. Another study published in 2012 in the peer-reviewed journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found that women who desired to wear their bras for support during or after exercise showed an increased average of 25% increase in breast density and a five-fold increase in the relative risk of developing breast cancer. Overall, wear your bra for support, but don’t wear it

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Touch screen gloves also have anti-radiation function

With the arrival of the cold winter, some electronic products of the touch screen class began to appear malpractices.Both iPhones and iPads are impossible to touch at low temperatures, so now a magical ‘touch glove’ has been created.   The gloves look the same as normal gloves, but on the index finger they use a special fabric which gives them the same function as the fingers.You don’t have to reach up your index finger to touch your phone in the cold season.   First, the core of a glove is a conductive cloth.   All kinds of mobile phones on the market use capacitive touch screens, which work through human body’s induction.When the capacitive screen works, the human body acts as a conductive wire. When the skin is in contact, the human body is part of the entire electrical circuit.   Ordinary gloves can’t conduct electricity, so they can’t form electrical circuits. But, this touch screen glove adds a conductive cloth to the index finger, so that the glove has the function of conducting electricity.   Two, silver fiber lining   Besides to adding a touch screen to the outer layer, we also added a silver fiber lining to the inside of the glove, making it radiation-resistant and antibacterial also to the touch screen function.   The detailed parameters of this glove are as follows. We can accept the customization of various glove styles. Contact me with more detials:anna@bestofshield.com

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Conductive cloth tape introduction

Name : Conductive Fabric Tape Size: Width: Customized * 50m length   Description:   Type: Anti electromagnetic radiation Feature: Conductive fabric has excellent softness and excellent bending resistance, Metallized nickel and copper form excellent electrical conductivity, which has excellent electromagnetic interference suppression characteristics. Material: PolyesterFiber + conductive adhesive Usage: It is widely used in many high value-added electronic devices, It is used to make conductive foam, to fill the space in the design of the mechanism and prevent noise leakage. In addition, there are a lot of usage in winding in the computer signal line, cable and so on. Characteristics of conductive Fabric:   Conductive fabric has excellent softness and excellent bending resistance. Metallized nickel and copper form excellent electrical conductivity, which has excellent electromagnetic interference suppression characteristics When the conductive fabricmeets the electric wave, it will reflect, absorb or penetrate through the nature of the object, and provide excellent shielding effect. It is widely used in many high value-added electronic devices. It is widely used to make conductive foam to fill the space in the design of the mechanism and prevent noise leakage. Widely used In computer signal line, cable and so on. Specification: Material: Conductive Fabric Type of adhesive: 130 Thickness of adhesive: 30 Total thickness: 0.12mm Resistivity: (kg/square):≥3 Advantage: Good electrical conductivity, good Good shielding effectfrom 100Mhz to 10Ghz

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Teach you a few ways to discern the point of excellent and inferior silver fiber

With the development of science and technology, people care more about health now. More and more resources are being made full use of, silver being one of them. The silver metal processed, turn solid silver into silver fiber,which is then spun into various types of silver fiber cloth. Today, silver fiber can be made of all kinds of clothing, like underwear, home textile, medical surgery clothing, sports, military equipment, and other fields, It used to be something people snapped up. So, what is the role of silver fiber? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the silver fiber? 1.the role of silver fiber. 1. The radiation protection   Silver is a material that conducts electricity better than any other metal, and the better the metal conducts electricity, the better it protects against radiation, s So it can used in a radiation environment, especially as now 5 g towers and the popularity of various large electrical appliances, in daily life, silver fiber can currently field block, play the role of radiation protection, this is the cause of radiation protection suits the silver fiber. 2. The deodorization Besides radiation function silver also has the deodorant antibacterial function, this function we tested has got the affirmative answer. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, people have a strong awareness of disinfection and antibacterial, and because silver fiber contains silver ions. Clothes made with silver fiber can decompose and absorb sweat and common bacteria, and improve the comfort of human wearing. Second, the key points to identify silver

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