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Why we need to wear anti-radiation hat?



Do you have any 5G base stations around your house? and do you use a lot of household appliances that contain radiation? Do you work in computer rooms, electrical facilities? Are you concerned about the effects of radiation on your health?


The electromagnetic wave pollution is caused by nature and artificial pollution

1.What is a natural radiation phenomenon ?

The most common is the phenomenon of lightning. lightning strikes a wide range of frequencies,As low as a few trillion or as high as ten trillion. This will affect the operation of electronic equipment. The power of lightning is also very huge. There are many reports of lightning tearing through trees, destroying homes, and, worse, killing people.

2.What is artificial radiation ?

The electromagnetic radiation caused by human factors is mainly the use of radiofrequency equipment. To spread the news and current affairs to people, wifi routers, radio and television stations send out signals in the form of electromagnetic waves. To make the communication between people accessible, Others include microwave ovens for home use, electric blankets, maglev trains for transportation, magneto-nuclear resonators for medical use, and industrial transformers.


With the launch of 5G, we will face a brand new 5G era. The development of high technology brings convenience to people but also brings some negative effects.5G stations have become ubiquitous, which means that a 5G base station is seen every few hundred meters in people’s homes. The search found the radiation generated by these base stations will have some significant effects on people’s health.

3.The harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body?

The effects of radiation on the human body are a kind of chronic injury, and the damage they do to the human body may not be visible in the short term, which is the worst part of it, but in the long run. People will find some unknown cause of the disease, to the hospital can not find out why? Radiation is one of the reasons.


Common clinical signs of harm from these radiation exposures are dizziness, lethargy, memory loss, infertility, and fetal malformations. Cancer, weakened immune system, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, etc. Electromagnetic radiation on the human visual system, immune function, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, reproductive system and genetic, central nervous system, etc. have different degrees of influence, such as can activate the proto-oncogene, induce cancer.

2radiation Exposure
2radiation Exposure.

4.How to avoid electromagnetic wave radiation?

The first thing is to stay away from the electromagnetic field, but it is very difficult for us to do this in the information times. But now, our company,Bestofshield, after many years of research, we’ve invented a radiation cap that can protects the brain from radiation damage.

At present, there are three types of radiation caps in our company, and it is not guaranteed that more types will be designed in the future. They are anti-radiation baseball caps, Beanie hats, and fisherman caps.

anti-radiation cap
anti-radiation beanie hat
anti-radiation fisherman hat

5.What is the radiation cap?

ANTI-Radiation cap is a new high-tech product made of common fabric and radiation-proof silver fiber. It can effectively block the radiation generated from electronic products. Its radiation shielding value is 65db within the range of 10mhz-3ghz.That means 99.999% of the radiation can be blocked.There are three main types of radiation caps in our company. They are radiation baseball caps, radiation knitted caps and radiation fisherman caps.

The radiation-proof baseball cap and fisherman’s cap are made of 100% twill cotton and 100% silver fiber lining.

The radiation-proof knitted cap is made of 100% acrylic and 100% silver fiber lining.


6.How does the emf protection hat work?

 The Electromagnetic wave shielding metal materials must be meet two conditions, first, the fabric density must high. This helps prevent radiation penetration, second, it must have an electrical conductivity, Metals that absorb electromagnetic waves and meet the law of conservation of energy must either store or convert energy, The more electrically conductive the metal, the more electrical energy it can store, while the rest that cannot be stored is dissipated in the form of heat.

But lead can be harmful to humans. In this way, when choosing gold, silver, lead, and other metal materials to make radiation caps, gold is the densest material, but its economic value is eliminated by economic benefits.

So, at last, we chose silver. Silver not only has good density, but it also conducts electricity very well, and it doesn’t generate a lot of heat even when worn in an electromagnetic field for a long time. furthermore, silver fiber is the most conductive metal among all other metals, and its conductivity is dozens of times higher than that of other metals. Therefore, and silver fiber has become the most popular radiation protective clothing fabric with the best shielding effect.

And our anti-radiation hat lining fabric mainly USES the “silver ion ultra-precision quenching plating technology” new fabric. Compared with the traditional silver fiber fabric, our silver content increased by about 30% and antioxidant capacity increased by 45%, shielding effect increased by 26%. The comfort level of the fabric was 100% approved by the subjects through a blind sensory test.

 The effective shielding of silver fiber is 99.999% in the radiation range of 10mhz-3ghz is 65db. After 100 times of machine washing, the shielding effect is still above 45dB under 1GHz, which can shield over 99.98% of electromagnetic radiation.

According to the frequency of machine washing once every three to four days, the shielding effect is still guaranteed above 45dB in normal use for a year. If you rub your hands and use a neutral washing liquid, the time will be longer. Thus, the shielding efficiency of the product will be no less than 30dB (1GHz) within two years of normal use under our recommended washing and maintenance method. For the specific effect of radiation, you can refer to the following video.

7.Why the silver fiber still can not blocking the cellphone signal?

What I want to make clear here is that what we need to protect is the radiation, not cell phone signals. Mobile phone signal ≠ Mobile phone radiation.

Signal refers to the signal issued by the mobile phone designed by AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers. This signal exists everywhere and at all times. It is a very normal civil signal, like a television signal. There is no danger to the human body, and it fully meets the national standard. The state will not let these operators exist if there is any harm, If you want to completely prevent these signals, you have to live in space.

And what we want to prevent is the electromagnetic wave interference radiation that the mobile phone sends out outside, we give an example: the electric equipment such as the electric equipment that likes computer, microwave oven, electromagnet often USES every day, the intensity of radiation is much more serious than the mobile phone, but do not have signal, however, visible the root of radiation is not in signal, however electric equipment component.

Mobile phone radiation is microwave radiation (a form of electromagnetic radiation) and is not comparable to hospital X-rays or radiation from nuclear contamination. Electromagnetic radiation energy is high, short time of radiation can damage the body cells; Microwave radiation, on the other hand, has lower energy and is more tolerable for the human body.

The biggest risk to the human body from microwave radiation from mobile phones may be that microwaves cause a slight increase in intracranial temperature and an increase in brain metabolism after a long time of talking, which has not been shown to cause definite harm to the human body. It’s not recommended to hold your phone close to your ear for long periods, though, or use a Bluetooth headset — wired headphones are much better.

8.So what are the other benefits of the radiation cap besides radiation protection?

1. Antistatic.

Because the conductivity of silver is relatively high, so as long as a small amount of silver fiber on the clothes can quickly eliminate the friction of static electricity because the silver fiber can conduct the static electricity out, can protect the human body from the harm of electromagnetic waves.

2. Powerful deodorizer

Bacteria can make people stink, and the silver ions in the silver fibers can quickly reduce or eliminate the stench.

3. Strong antibacterial.

It can adsorb some harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Gonococcus, chlamydia trachomatis and other dozens of pathogenic microorganisms have a strong inhibition and killing effect, and will not develop drug resistance.

4. Heat insulation

Silver fiber can quickly dissipate the temperature of the skin, to lower the body temperature, making people feel cool, in the winter can stop the body from sweating a lot, sending out radiation to regulate the body temperature, for the best effect of warmth.

5. health care

It Can promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue, can achieve the role of medical care.

It is suitable for people who work or live in the area with high electromagnetic frequency for a long time, such as those who contact computer, printer, radar, and wireless testing, as well as those who work in radio, telecommunication, communication, computer room and laboratory.

It can protect against computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring radiation, and base station radiation. Anti-radiation laboratory, is the army, Banks, communications, electricity, schools, media, research institutes, and other industries commonly used ideal protection products.

I once had a client whose father died of brain cancer from answering the phone for so long that he was grateful for the invention of a radiation cap.

I used to get headaches all the time, from wearing a radiation-proof hat to feeling much better!

Living in such an electronic information world, electromagnetic wave pollution has become more and more widespread, the development of radiation protection hat will be in the sky. What are you waiting for? Get a healthy and stylish radiation protection hat.














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