A comparison between Lululemon naked Yoga fabric and Bestofshield Yoga fabric


Many people love Lululemon‘s nude pants.

Because it’s so comfortable that you don’t want to take it off, especially after you’ve worn Lululemon’s Align nude collection, it’s hard to get used to other brands.

Why can’t so many brands do this?

One of them is the difference in the grinding process.


Many brands just follow suit and imitate the appearance version.

Because they always start from the point of view of cost but ignore the details of the product itself. The most common wool grinding process in the market is nothing more than sand grinding and carbon grinding. These are two relatively traditional wool grinding processes, because the processing cost is low.

The working principle of sanding is to wind the sandpaper on the roller and rub the fabric surface under high rotational speed, which is both simple and high productivity. But the disadvantage is that sandpaper wear fast, easy to lead to uneven fabric wear, hair inconsistency and difference between dark and light colors, the damage to the fiber is also quite large, wool feeling is also particularly hairy, directly affect clothing pilling.

Carbon grinding principle of a class is higher than sand paper, carbon fiber brush high speed friction surface fabric, carbon fiber is relatively resistant to wear and tear, so less of Yin and Yang as a result of uneven ground hair color and hair are inconsistent, advantage is grinding hair relatively stable production capacity is high also, but the downside is that the destructive of the fiber is also very big, lead to fiber breakage short-tempered, Risk of pilling. These two processes have been widely used in all kinds of fabric wool grinding process!


So what process does Lululemon use now? In fact, it is the same process as our Bestofshield hair grinding technology fabric series.


It can not only retain the original characteristics of the fabric, but also give the fabric a new style to enhance the fabric softness and naked experience, from the feel, comfort, texture have some unique, realize the combination of science and technology and practicality!

We Bestofshield grinding process and the above-mentioned traditional grinding process is very different, its working principle is the diamond file roller soaked in water, in the water at high speed rotation friction fabric surface, can play a very good cooling effect, to ensure that the fiber will not be affected by the high temperature generated by the high speed performance, followed by the role of water immersion, the destructiveness of the yarn fiber is very small, it will be able to grind out very fine The hairy feeling, which is a fluffy touch, as if the body’s second skin, to better enhance the naked feeling of the wearing experience, the disadvantage is that the equipment is very expensive capacity is very low, so the processing costs are particularly high!

With the major technical breakthrough of Bestofshield abrasion process, the pursuit of naked feeling experience has been progressing, and now it has solved the trouble of pilling and pilling, greatly enhancing the stability of naked feeling fabric in quality!

That is, it creates a naked sense of skin-friendly touch, in the first encounter with NERFASSY fabric, you can meet all your imagination of skin-friendly naked feeling, light and soft, glutinous texture, wear it as if nothing can start your yoga comfortable journey.










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